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Welcome To Banjara Times!

Hello, everyone! Thanks for visiting Banjara Times. I am Om Parkash Kamal,  Editor, Banjara Times (Voice of Goaars worldwide). We believe Goaars of India known as Banjaras, Lambanis, Bazigars, Lubanas, Sirkiband, Gawaria, Gawar, Lambadas, Gor, Vanjari, Vanzaras, Sindhi Guaars and many others are from same Dynasty. They have same customs, same Goaar Boli and same Gotras all over India. They don't have any Sections and Sub-Sections. They are Equal and they are GOAARS. No matter Kaurs call us with different names. But we are all Goaars, nothing else.  One more thing about Banjara Times, we are not belonging to any Group/Organisation, any Religion and any  Political Party. We have respect for all, who are working for the development of Goaars. Jai Goaar Ekta!
Your views, articles, reports, photos are welcome.

Our New Email address is:

Special Declaration: It is not necessary that the Owner of BANJARATIMES.COM website is agree with the views expressed in news and articles presented on BANJARATIMES.COM website.      

Audio C.D. "Jai Jai Guru Sevalal" is releasing on Feb. 15

Front side of the cover of Audio C.D. "Jai Jai Guru Sevalal" (Goaar Singers Lakhbir Lakha and Miss Gurinder Naaz). "Jai Jai Guru Sevalal" is releasing on 271st Jayanti of Shri Guru Sevalal Ji Maharaj at Mohalla Dharamkot, Phagawara, Punjab on February 15, 2010. Contact No. of Mr. Lakhbir Lakha is 98150-91376. 

Back side of the cover of Audio C.D. "Jai Jai Guru Sevalal" (Goaar Singers Lakhbir Lakha and Miss Gurinder Naaz). "Jai Jai Guru Sevalal" is releasing on 271st Jayanti of Shri Guru Sevalal Ji Maharaj at Mohalla Dharamkot, Phagawara, Punjab on February 15, 2010.
Posted on February 13, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

271st Jayanti of Shri Guru Sevalal Ji Maharaj: February 15


Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj was born on 15.02.1739, on this Holy Land, to parents Shree Bhima Nayak and Dharmini Yaadi (Mother). At this time this location was popularly known as Ramagundam or Ramji Nayak Tanda (Ramji Nayak is Grand-father of SevaBhaya Ji, who came to this location with 360 families of his Tanda and about 4000 loaded cattles). Ramji Nayak Tanda when deserted, by end of 18th century the local population built a village known as Chennarayani Palle. This land now falls in the revenue village of Peddadoddi, Taluk/Mandal: Gooty, District Anantapur (A.P.).

Sevabhaya lived with his parents, at this place, upto the age of 12. He bathed in KALO KUNDO (transparent clean water of natural spring water pond), Worshipped in Chanakeshva (Shiva) Temple on the top of Chandrayana Gutta (Hill), near Ramji Nayak Tanda grazed his cattles in ZOOMRI/ZHANDA JHOL (forest of Palms). All these relics and monuments are existing even today. Banjaras and Non- Banjaras in the locality hold Bhima Nayak Katta (platform) inhigh esteem. Since residue (ORE) from the womb of Sevabhaya's Mother is buried below this Katta (burying ORE under the ground is the tradition of Banjaras, after child's birth). Therefore Banjara people hold this Katta with high reverence. Shri Bhima Nayak (father of Sevabhaya Ji) delivered his judgements to Banjaras of his and neighboring Tandas from this Katta.

There is a piece of land of 18 acres, next to dilapidated Ramji Nayak Tanda and the same is shown in revenue records as NAYAKUNI BHOOMI (Land of Nayak).

After lot of research works and explorations by many research scholars, linguists, historians, particularly by Banjara Dharmik Parishad of Bangalore, as well as found from Banjara folk songs and folk lores sung and oral histoy as told by Banjara, for the last 200 years, in narration and in praise of Sevabhaya's life and deeds. It is mentioned that GOOTY-BELLARY MA JANMO SEVABHAYA (meaning: Sevabhaya was born at GOOTY-BELLARY). Gooty Taluka was in the then Bellary District of then Madras Province of British Raj. During that period there was no separate District called Anantapur - as the Anantpur town was part of Bellary District. It is abundantly clear and proved that Sevabhaya's Birth Place is identified to this location, in Peddadoddi Revenue Village. It is also mentioned in the book "Sevadas Leelamrut", authered by Sant Shree Ramrao Maharaj of Pohragad (Sevabhaya's Samadhi Place), Gooty-Bellary as birth place of Sevabhaya. Sant Shri Ramrao ji Maharaj is living saint of seventh generation of Shri Sevabhaya's family. Even well known auther, poet and Banjara folk Singer Shri Atmaram Rathod of Yevatmal District (Maharashtra) has also established the same location in his popular book "Shree Sant Sevadas Leela Charitra" as Sevabhaya's Birth place.

After identifying this birth place, first time, Banjaras of Country celebrated Sevabhaya's 262nd Janmotsav, at this holy land on 15.02.2001 and sanctified it and named this land as "SEVAGAD", at the hands of Shri Ranjit Naik, President of All India Banjara Seva Sangh (AIBSS).

Address of Sevagad Asthan: Sevagad, Near Charlopalli, Via: Gollala Doddi Crossing, On Gooti - Guntakal Road, Mandal/Taluka: Gooty, District: Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh.

To download the full size photo of Shri Guru Sevalal Ji Maharaj, please click on the link below:

Posted on January 25, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Posted on February 2, 2010------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Posted on February 2, 2010-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Posted on February 2, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Posted on February 3, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Exploitation of Goaars will continue if Telangana not formed!: A report by Baburao Baanoth

Goaars of Telangana region are fighting for the formation of new state.

Goaar Students are the main part of this struggle for new state Telangana.

Banjara leaders in Telangana region are playing vital role in the formation of Telangana state. The leaders are DS Redya Naik, Satyavathi Rathod, Suman Rathod and D. Ravindra Naik. They travelled every nuke and corner of Telangana area and they explained Goaar Matis about the need of Telangana state. Goaar students of Osmania University also campaigned in thandas with them.
It is the historical need of formation of Telangana state because, mostly depressed sections are Goaar matis in United state. If this exploitation will continue they can loose all their lands in special SEZs and other purpose.

Library Assistant
Nizam College
Cell Phone: 9849868977

Date: Feb 7, 2010

Posted on February 8, 2010------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unite and make a think tank of scholars of Goaars

Hello Kamal Bhai

Thanks for uploading my views on is a site we all Goaar-Bhai should make use of for expressing our thoughts and ideas for the betterment of our brothers and sisters.

In continuation of my earlier views about our Goaar brothers.As I said ours is fragmented society and first  it needs to be organized in holistic approach without any self agenda. Our ancestors wandered in search of their livelihood but they could not gathered their mass at one place and they loss their identity and settled wherever they are but in a pieces of Tandas. Because of these pieces of Tandas and its limited members our people were exploited by forward communities.

So now what we all learned Goaar brothers need to do is.
1. Leave our self agenda behind if possible
2. Unite and make a think tank of scholars out of it.
3. Bring all state units of Banjara association under one Umbrella unity of All India Goaar-Banjara Samiti
4. Have a faith in our own people.
5. Then apply combined effect/force on materialize our demands
6.  .........And like many more suggestions can been be given for the upliftment our society.
Request to all Goaar brothers and sisters to give your feedback and valuable suggestion because we are left out far behind  from the mainstream of development and other communities.

Narsing Rathod

Posted on February 8, 2010--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Poverty can’t become a stumbling block in successful life of Govind Rathod Commissioner

When we go through the pages of theory, we can see that there are so many personalities who achieve the victory on poverty. Poverty did not made any effect on their life. In bad circumstances they put a step ahead and succeeded in achieving their aim. Such a great personality Govind Jemla Rathod from Nanded dist. in Maharashtra who achieved his goal being in bad economic situation and living in Banjara community. Presently Govind Rathod is commissioner of Kalyan Dombivali Mahapalika. But when we go through the history of Govind Rathod, we can’t  believe in it. What a strange life he had lived.

At the age of eight he was admitted in the school which was ten k.m. away from his tanda named Waghala. He passed both 1st and 2nd class at a time in one attempt. Gopal Guraji who was a teachar and the headmaster i.e. all in one made some efforts to admit Govind in Nutan Vidyalaya which was run by the Government. Here Govind passed both scholarship exams, 4th  class scholarship exams and 7th scholarship exams. He was spending his expenditure through the payment of scholarship. In this way he completed his high school education in Nutan Vidyalaya with highest marks.

After S.S.C. examination he selected science faculty for further education. His strong desire was to become a doctor but due to the economical conditions he could not fulfill his desire. Nevertheless he achieved first position in university in B.Sc. exam. He took admission for post graduate degree (M.SC.) at Jalana and passed it with first class. After M.Sc. without any efforts he became professor in 1981 at Shivaji College Parbhani. In this college he served for seven years and also passed Law Degree from the same college.

The man who is always busy to do some what new, does not fail in his efforts. Perhaps God might have seen the hard efforts of one and he will be giving blessing. Govind Rathod also did the same thing as usual. He decided to appear for the M.P.S.C. examination. He succeed in first attempt.

By passing M.P.S.C. exam he went Mumbai for the training on 27 March 1989. After returning from Mumbai he joined Darvha Palika in Yavatmal district as a chief officer. After Darvha he worked at Khamgaon, Digras, Ambarnath, Virar, Navaghar Manikpur as a chief officer. Today he is too happy because he joined as a Commissioner of Kalyan Mahapalika on 1st May 2008 and that was the happiest day in his life. Not only this he is also a President of Maharashtra Banjara Karamchari Seva Sanstha Maharashtra Pradesh.

People from Banjara community are looking towards Govind Rathod just as a model. He attended many national and inter-national seminars arranged by the Govt. He tried to manage group marriages at Darvha, Digras and Pohradevi circle.

Being from Banjara community, tanda culture made him hard worker and proved that man can do anything. His brothers Fulsing, Dhansing, Shravansing specially Pupsing and sister Sona Bai had supported him. Not only these brothers, his parents and Gopal Guruji also supported and directed Govind Rathod.

Ashok Raut
Kalyan Dombivali
Ph. 07236-219387
Posted on February 2, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Banjara Times will bring closer to our physically fragmented but by heart united Goaars!

Hello Kamal ji
Thanks for all your efforts to bring closer to our physically fragmented but by heart united Goaar brothers and sisters. As we know that initially our Goaar brothers are divided in many tandas and tandas. With few zupadas they have separate Naik and tandas. So we have divided in beginning itself in our demands for our right share in the society. This is where the other communities, politicians, bureaucrats, police and local administration taking advantage of our people. However with this tiny effort if all our learned brothers and well wishers keep fighting for our rights, and mark our presence then our future generation will be safe.

I will be in touch to this site to share my thoughts and thanks once again for providing this platform to share my thoughts.
Narsing Rathod, Chennai

Native: Block No. 48/49, Mantri Chandak Estate,
Hotgi Road, Solapur.
Posted on January 25, 2010--------------------------------------------------------

Brahamleen Saint Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj: Saint Shri Gopal Bapu Ji is new Incharge

Jalgaon, Maharashtra (Banjara Times Network): Great Saint of India, Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj is no more in this world. No one can fill up that gap. Actually Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj was different with his "Baani". He have miracle in his voice. Anyone who listened to Bapu Ji, he start following his path. Banjara Times don't have any words to express their shock and sadness after the death of Saint Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj.

Now Saint Shri Gopal Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj is Chief Saint of the Ashram. Banjara Times have well wishes for him. We hope Saint Shri Gopal Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj will extend that path which one started by Saint Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj.

Saint Shri Laxman Chaitanya Ji Ashram is publishing a magazine "Chaitanya Amrit". We are publishing the address, phone and website of the Ashram. Followers of Saint Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj can contact the Ashram for Audio, Dvds of the Parvachans of Saint Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj.

Chaitanya Amrit Patrika
Saint Shri Laxman Chaitanya Ji Ashram
Shri Vrindavan Dhaam,
Paal, Tehsil Raver, Diatt. Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
Ph.: 02584-288452

Website of the Ashram:

Posted on January 25, 2010-------------------------------------------------------------

Renke Commission Report:

Grand Protest Rally by Bazigars, Banjaras and other Denotified Tribes in New Delhi on Jan. 5

"Ambedkar of Goaars" Shri Haribhau Rathod addressing the huge protest rally of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Tribes at Jantar Mantar Park, New Delhi. Shri Jagir Singh Vartia (Bazigar Leader of Punjab) also seen in the picture.

By seeing the spirit of fight, Central Minister for Social Justice and Welfare Shri Mukul Wasnik invited Shri Haribhau Rathod and Shri Jagir Singh Vartia (Bazigar Leader of Punjab) along with selected leaders from different communities assembled there to talk on the matter at 6 PM. During talks Minister for Social Justice and Welfare Shri Mukul Wasnik assured that Chair Person of UPA Smt. Sonia Gandhi, The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh and Youth Leader Shri Rahul Gandhi are very serious to solve the problems faced by these DNT communities.

Ex Chairman of Minority Commission Shri Harcharan Singh Josh expressed solidarity with the demands of DNT's.

Ex Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Om Prakash Naik: "DNT's are ready for fight if their demands not fulfilled by Shri Manmohan Singh Government. 

Advocate Inder Singh Valjot, Dr. Darshan Singh, Shri Jagir Singh Vartia Delegates from Bazigar Community of Punjab and others are seen in the picture at the DNT's Rally in New Delhi under the leadership of Shri Haribhau Rathod (President, Rashtriya Banjara Kranti Dal).

A journalist belongs to Bazigar Community of Punjab Shri Harpreet Singh Valjot is seen with other DNT leaders at the office of Social Welfare Ministry.

Dr. Darshan Singh Valjot (Bazigar Leader) addressing the protest rally of DNT's at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

DNT leaders said that even after 60 years of Independence these communities are still living the life of slaves.

DNT Leaders said that Central Government is compelling these communities to adopt the way of Gujjars of Rajasthan. They also appealed the communities to be ready for "Andolan".

Bazigar Community Leader of Punjab Shri Jagir Singh Vartia telling the Centre Government that how Shri Haribhau Rathod saved the Government with the sacrifice of his political carrier.

DNT Leader Shri Haribhau Rathod discussing with Shri Jagir Singh Vartia and Advocate Inder Singh Valjot (Both Bazigar Leaders of Punjab).

Implement the Renke Commission's Report: a DNT leader at the rally of DNT's in New Delhi.

We will jammed the streets of New Delhi, if our demands not fullfilled: A DNT leader at the protest rally organized by Rashtriya Ghumantu Mahasangh and Rashtriya Banjara Kranti Dal in New Delhi.

All the leaders attended the massive rally of Denotified and Nomadic Tribes organized at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi today endorsed the demand of implementation of Renke Commission's Report giving facilities and concessions to 15 crores DNTs and Banjaras spread all over India.

New Delhi, January 5, 2010 (Banjara Times Network): Leaders of Bazigars, Banjaras and other Vimukat Tribes from all over India gathered in New Delhi at Jantar Mantar Park to demand their neglected rights in the able guidance of their dynamic leader Shri Haribhau Rathod for implementation of recommendations of Renke Commission on DNTs.

By seeing the spirit of fight, Central Minister for Social Justice and Welfare Shri Mukul Wasnik invited Shri Haribhau Rathod alongwith his selected leaders from different communities assembled there to talk on the matter at 6 PM. During talks Minister for Social Justice and Welfare Shri Mukul Wasnik assured that Chair Person of UPA Smt. Sonia Gandhi, The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh and Youth Leader Shri Rahul Gandhi are very serious to solve the problems faced by these DNT communities. The Social Justice and Welfare Minister Shri Mukul Wasnik also assured that very soon decision will be taken by their Ministry. The Social Justice and Welfare Minister Shri Mukul Wasnik  also assured that like other commissions DNT Commission will be established permanently in the Ministry and welfare schemes for these DNT communities will be made and implemented.

For talks with the Social Justice and Welfare Minister Shri Mukul Wasnik the delegates joined with Shri Haribhau Rathod  Shri Jagir Singh Vartia, Shri R.S Parmar, Shri Jilley Singh, Shri Kirandeep Singh Sherpuri, all from Punjab and Shri Parkash Rathod from Nanded, Rama Nand Rathod and Shri Kailash Rathod joined the delegates group.

Prior to this Meeting with the Central Minister the DNT's huge rally was addressed by Ex MP, President, Rashtriya Banjara Kranti Dal and National Leader of Rashtriya Vimukat Ghumantru And Semi Ghumantru Maha Sangh Shri Haribhau Rathod, Present MP from Andhra Pradesh Shri Balram K. Naik, MP Shri Raja Ram Pal, Ex Minister of Andhra Pardesh Shri Amar Singh Tilawat, Ex Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Om Prakash Naik, Ex Chairman of Minority Commission Shri Harcharan Sing Josh, Shri Matin Tamana Leader for Minority Communities, Ex MLA of Rajasthan Shri Acharia Shastry, All India Goaar Rajput Sabha President Advocate Inder Singh Valjot Chandigarh, General Secretary of  All India Goaar Rajput Sabha Shri Jagir Singh Vartia Patiala, Shri Rulda Singh of Saravjan Vikas Party, Shri Sarwan Singh Panjgarain of Bawaria Community, Shri Jilley Singh, Shri Balak Ram, Shri Hukam Singh Pawar, Shri Parkash Rathod Nanded, Advocate Shri Manikaran, Shri Sucha Singh Chandigarh, Dr. Darshan Singh Valjot Chandigarh, Kirandeep Singh Sherpuri from Faridkot, Gajanand  Rathod from Maharashtra,  Shri Radhey Shayam Paniyar, Veteran Leader from Himachal Pradesh Shri Maan Singh Banjara, Shri Kailash Rathod, Shri Pirthi Singh Rathod, Shri Murti Rathod, Shri Mahavir Singh President Haryana Banjara Samaj, Shri Machhandar Nath Bhosley Bartia Vimukat Samaj Mumbai and Shri Bhagwan Singh Rathod of Maharashtra said that even after 60 years of Independence these communities are still living the life of slaves.

They said that Central Government is compelling these communities to adopt the way of Gujjars of Rajasthan. They also appealed the communities to be ready for "Andolan".

Speakers also said that they have to shed their blood in Delhi for getting these rights and we have to sacrify our lives to improve the future of our coming generations. Highlighting the sacrifice made by Shri Haribhau Rathod on the issue of Nuclear Energy, Shri Haribhau Rathod sacrificed his political carrier to save Hon’ble Shri Manmohan Singh’s Government. But Government has betrayed the belief of these communities, particularly The belief of Shri Haribhau Rathod by not implementing the Renke Commission Report. Shri Haribhau Rathod In his address said that like Gurjar Andolan we will teach lesson to Government if Government failed to implement the Renke Commission Report. Shri Haribhau Rathod endorsed the views expressed by the speakers gathered at Jantar Mantar New Delhi from all over India.

Shri Haribhau Rathod asked the grand gathering of DNT delegates to be prepare for sacrifice if Government is not ready to implement the recommendations of Renke commission. Shri Haribhau Rathod told that Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh has established this commission and spent huge amount on this commission for study the conditions of these Ghumantru and Semi Ghumantru Tribes.                       
Posted on January 11, 2010---------------------------------------------------------------


Welcome of Shri Manoharrao Naik (Minister for Food and Drug Administration Minister Maharashtra) at Pohradevi.

Kashi of Goaars Pohradevi: Welcome of Shri Manoharrao Naik (Minister for Food and Drug Administration Minister Maharashtra).

Banjara Leader and Food and Drug Administration Minister Mr. Manoharrao Naik is the president of this Pohradevi Development Committee. In this committee there are nine members including president. In the picture above, Committee members are discussing the proposals for the development of Pohradevi.

Pohradevi (Shankar Ade): Poharadevi which is known as the Kashi of the all Indian Banjara community, for the development of Pohradevi, Maharashtra Government has organized a Development Commitee. Banjara Leader and Food and Drug Administration Minister Mr. Manoharrao naik is the president of this committee. In this committee there are nine members including president. According to recommendations of Rajyapal Excutive Officer of the Rural Development Deparment Mr. S. A. Andhale has passed the demand order for development of Pohradevi which was made by the Banjara Community. Banjara Community is so much happy because the demand for Development of Pohradevi is completed by the Government.

The other members of the Pohradevi Development Committee are as below: Mr. Prakash Dahake special appointee by the State Government, Collector of Washim, District C.E.O. of Zila Parishad Washim, C.E.O. of P.W.D. Washim, Dep. Eng. of Z.P. Washim,   Dep. Eng. Of Gram Panchayat Z.P. Washim. After organasation the committee has taken one meeting on 29th Dec. 2009. Shri Manoharrao Naik and Shri Prakash Dahake were present at the meeting.

Posted on January 11, 2010-----------------------------------------------------------

I want to have my business in top ten list in Karnataka: Young Goaar Female Entrepreneur Mala Megavath

A style of young female Goaar entrepreneur Mala Megavath

I want to become a entrepreneur in top list and I wanted to help our Goaar community: Mala Megavath

Hi respected Kamal Ji
This is Mala Megavath, From Karnataka, Bangalore. My native is Shimoga. I have done my BA, LLB, MBA in HR, persuing M. Phil. From Bangalore & Mangalore. I am  management consultants. I am just 28 now, not yet Married, having own business. I don't have father and brother. We are 6 sisters. In very difficulties I studied and I came till hear.  

I feel very proud that I belongs to Banjara (Lambani) community.  In our community I THINK I AM THE FIRST GIRL IN SHIMOGA district in Karnataka  who started her own  Management  consultancy in Shimoga and Bangalore, handling statutory compliance, HR - AUDIT, Payroll Management, and  have my main branch  consultancy  office in Bangalore in the Name of Megavath Management Consultancy.

My main aim is I want to have my business in top ten list in Karnataka. I want to become a entrepreneur in top list and I wanted to help our community people. I appreciated by all industrialist almost all uppercast people but our community people they don't know how to encourage young female entrepreneurs specially in Karnataka, but still I love my Banjara (Lambani) pepole. 

Mala Megavath
Ph- 95350-72982

Posted on January 11, 2010------------------------------------------------------------

"Gor Sanstha Chalakero Malav & Satkar" program at Aurangabad (Maharashtra) by Gor Sikwadi

Many Gor leaders have contributed in the social, cultural, economical and educational development of Gor. After Independence many Gor leader has started educational institutes (Schools, Collages, Aashram Shala’s) to help Gor students and to uplift the education level of Gor. As we all know our journey has started from scratch no one had the (Financial, Economical, Political, Social) backing to start the educational institutes but despite of this our leader has taken lots of efforts and started educational institutes, and the result of their effort is it  has spread importance of education in our community.

To felicitate these Gor Directors of Educational Institute Gor Sikwadi has organized “Gor Sanstha Chalakero Satkar” program for their contribution and their effort to spread education importance in Gor’s. Their ‘Pay Back to Community’ theme has sparked many lives and helped to brought them in Mainstream of India. 

Details of Program: Gorsikwadi team of Aurangabad welcomed to all the honorable guests and the Gor Bhai/Bhen. The Program started with “ Sadguru Sant Sevalal Maharaj’s Bhog/Pooja”, after Pooja Gorsikwadi team felicitates to all honorable guests by giving them ‘Shawl’ and ‘Nariyal’. 

Around 25 Gor Directors of Educational institutes were present for this. After felicitation program 20 min time was given to every guest to share their views, experience, knowledge and their success stories. Everyone in Audience court were in pin drop silence as every speaker had faced so many troubles to achieve their goal of Social work by spreading education in Tanda’s.

After guests speeches, our Nayak of Gor Sikwadi  Kashinath Nayak addressed to all Gor Directors and Gor Bhai Bhen. In his speech he thanks to all the Gor Directors for their remarkable Contribution in Gor development. In his speech Kashinath Nayak said that success of an individual, organization or any movement depends on the quality of people present in that organization/ movement, and Gor Sikwadi is felicitates you all for your effort and contribution. He has expressed community’s expectation from this Gor Education Directors and how they can fulfill the community expectation. Kashinath Nayak also addressed to everyone about their moral roles and responsibilities in Community development.

Program ends with ‘Abhar Pradarshan’ and gajar/Prayer of “Sadguru Sant Sevalal Maharaj”, The ‘Abhar Pradarshan’ was done by Prof Rathod.

Summary Of this Program: This program brought all Educational Gor Directors under one roof, in this program many new ideas has been generated to improve education level and to spread importance of education among our Gor bhai’s. Every one were agreed that by providing good education we can bring the entire community in Main Stream of India and for this it’s everyone’s moral responsibility to contribute their effort for this community cause.
Below are few honorable guests:
Honorable Nitin Ji Rathod (BE) from A’ bad
Honorable H.D.Rathod from Paithan
Honorable Dr.Rameshwar Rathod from A’bad.
Honorable Bipin Naik from A’ bad.
Honorable Prof. Rajesh Rathod from Mantha, Jalna.

Posted on January 11, 2010------------------------------------------------------------

Goaar Ekta Zindabad: Rinku Banjara

Dear Sir,
Good evening. Myself is Rinku Banjara, belongs to Muchaal Community in Tosham, Distt. Bhiwani, State Haryana.
I did my M.B.A. from Kurukshetra University. Presently I am working with IDBI Bank from last one and half year, posted at Ludhiana. My official email Id is
I really feel proud to know about the prosperity of our society through your site. It is good step taken by you to consolidate to our Society. Your straight forward words really attracts that you are indepandent not working for any poltical group. Some of groups really thinks that Banjara community is only a big vote bank.
I am heartly request you to add me also on this website and I am also free for helpful to any Goaar bhais.
Suggestion : If really some groups are showing some concern than we should come up with this idea that our surname should be unique all over the world like as we are Banjaras.
If our people are backward because of proper awareness not due to reservation. When they will came to know we have people on heights, then they will try to come with filling that gap which is created by those heights. Proper motivation and awareness can only do the magic to our Goaar society.
Your Goaar Bhai
Rinku Banjara
Astt. Manager
IDBI Bank Ludhiana

Posted on January 11, 2010------------------------------------------------------------

I am ready to serve for Community: Gajanan Ramji Chavhan from Manora, Washim

A/P: Bhuli, Tal.: Manora
Dist.: Washim 444404
Contact No: 97649-25409

Name: Gajanan Ramji Chavhan

Email ID:

Date of Birth: 02/02/1991

Marital Status: Unmarried

Gender: Male

Language Known: English, Hindi & Marathi

Nationality: Indian

Education Qualification: 
1. S.S.C. Amravati March 2005 69.69.%
2. H.S.C. Amravati Feb  
3. MS-CIT Mumbai July 2009 76%

Experience: 3 Year exp of computer teaching in Sapna Computer, Manora.      

Declaraton: The above mentioned details are true to the best of my provide
knowledge and kindly consider my application details and me an opportunity to serve in your organization. I shall be ever grateful to you sir.   

Thanking you,

Your Faithfully,

Gajanan R Chavhan

Posted on January 11, 2010---------------------------------------------------------