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A Brief Story of Baba Hathi Ram Ji

Baba Haathiram Ji was North-Indian by birth. He came down to South. In Tirupati, he constructed a small Math and settled. Every day he used to worship the Lord of the Seven Hills.

Sri Venkateshwara was pleased with his devotion and used to come and play dice with him. One such day he forgot his necklace there and returned to his Sanctum Sanctorum. Babaji noticed it after Swami Ji left his place. He wanted to hand it over to the Lord. He started to the temple. In the meanwhile priests of the temple observed that the necklace was missing. They complained to the authorities.

In the meanwhile Baba ji arrived and handed over the necklace to them. When questioned he answered with all innocence that the Lord had forgotten it in his Math.

They did not believe him, and wanted to embarass him. So they locked him up in a room with ten kilos of cooked rice and ten bundles of sugarcane and challenged him, "If you really are like an elephant you must eat every bit of this food by day-break". Within five minutes of being locked up Hathiram Ji Baba, having consumed the ten kilos of rice and the ten bundles of sugarcane, kicked the locked doors to pieces and stepped out trumpeting like an elephant.

Hathiram Baba's Math exists even today opposite the temple and its a Jiva-samadhi. The scenes of Hathiram's game with the lord is depicted on the doors to entrance of the temple.

Hathiram Ji Baba: According to
Innumerable sadhus hailing from North India undertake pilgrimage to the South while those from South India undertake pilgrimage to the North. While on such pilgrimages some of these sadhus choose to stay back in some place of their interest. Hathiram Baba was one such sadhu who chose to stay back in Tirumala during his pilgrimage to the South. He called himself 'Hathi' (elephant) as he was very fat. No one knew his real name. In every age Mahatmas have, on the one hand, enjoyed the support of the people while on the other hand faced strong opposition from them.

One such incident of strong opposition took place even in the life of Hathiram Baba. Once, some people who had taken a strong dislike to Hathiram Baba wanted to embarrass him. So they locked him up in a room with ten kilos of cooked rice and ten bundles of sugarcane and challenged him, "If you really are an elephant you must eat every bit of this food by daybreak". Within five minutes of being locked up Hathiram Baba, having consumed the ten kilos of rice and the ten bundles of sugarcane, kicked the locked doors to pieces and stepped out trumpeting like an elephant. Those who were on guard and those who stood there to watch the fun fled from the scene. It is this Hathiram Baba who built the famous Srinivasa temple in Tirumala.

In those days, Hathiram Baba used to sit at the entrance to this Temple. Those who came here had to first place their offerings at his feet; only then were they permitted to step in to have darshan of Lord Balaji. This is how the tradition of dropping the offerings in the 'Hundi' began.

Whenever Hathiram Baba felt bored he would play 'chokkattan' (Indian ludo) with 'Tirupathi Perumal'. Even to-day one can find these scenes depicted on the doors of the temple. Baba's mutt is situated opposite to the Temple. There he is seated in 'Jiva-Samadhi' blessing all the devotees.

News about Baba Hathi Ram Ji
Venkatesh to play a Saint Hathiram Ji Baba
It seems to be the season of devotionals for Telugu stars. After Nagarjuna as "Sri Ramadasu", Venkatesh is to play Hathiram Baba, a revered saint.

The Baba, who lived 400 years ago, played dice with god, said a source. The saint is also known for constructing shelters and laying roads for pilgrims. The period film will reportedly be scripted by one of the brothers of well-known writer Vijayendra Prasad.

Tollywood : Venkatesh as Hathiram Baba
It looks as if the Telugu heroes are fascinated towards devotional flicks. While Chiranjeevi played Lord Shiva's role in Manjunatha, Nagarjuna did 'Annamayya and Sriramadasu'. Now, it is the turn of Venkatesh to take a chance. Noted writer Vijayendra Prasad's brother reportedly preparing a script on saint Hathiram Baba, a devotee of Lord Venkateswara.

It is said that the Baba played dice with the God, besides constructing shelters and laying roads for the pilgrims to reach Tirumala some four centuries ago. It is learnt that Venkatesh gave his nod to play the role of Hathiram Baba. Other details are awaited.

Amitabh to play 'Hathiram Baba' (November 7, 2006)

Big B Amitabh Bachchan, who performed in several sensational hit films in Hindi and enthralled the audiences in India and proved as No. 1 hero had reportedly agreed to play in a devotional film 'Hathiram Baba'.

Amitabh, who played different roles in his career will now appear as a devotee of Lord Venkateswara 'Hathiram Baba'. Another surprise is that the film is going to be directed by none other than our own K. Raghavendra Rao who gave memorable devotional flicks like 'Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu'.

The story given by JK Bharavi again is ready and there was an excellent screenplay which is viable commercially.

Again MM Keeravani is teaming up with K Raghavendra Rao for this devotional film.

KRR's next devotional film 'Hathiram Baba'
The devotional films writer J K Bharavi disclosed the K Ragavender Rao's next film in audio release function of Srihari Padatheertham at Hyderabad. J K Bharavi has prepared script based on the life and times of Hathiram Baba who migrated from Maharastra to Thirupathi and built Srinivasa temple at Thirumala.

Like Annamayya, Hathiram Baba is a great devotee of Lord Venkateshwara. There still is an ashram in his name at Tirumala and in Maharasthra.

J K Bharavi revealed that Raghavendra Rao will soon direct this film. But he didn’t divulge who would act in it. (November 4, 2006)

Baba Hathi Ram Temple in Panjab
A E-mail from Inder Singh Valjot

Jai Baba Hathi Ram!

Yesterday (Aug.6, 2006) there was meeting at the Temple of Baba Hathi Ram Ji, situated in Village Gunachaur, Near City Banga, Panjab.

To continue our efforts I alongwith Sh. Jagir Singh D.S.P Sahib participated in their election meeting for Committee. One good thing for our favor came , we succeeded in getting elect Mr. Darshan Singh Lehil as President. This is good sign for our movement of Goaar Samaj.

Congratulations to Mr. Darshan Singh Lehil not for beeing elected as President of Baba Hathi Ram Ji Temple Parbandhak Committee but for eccepting the responsibility in the interest of Goaar Samaj. Let us hope for progress and wait.

Thank You. Anything new at your end. With all regards, Yours: Inder Singh Valjot, Advocate, Chandigarh.

New Information About Baba Hathiram Ji
A Email from Inder Singh Valjot

Dear Kamal,

Jai Goaar! Jai Gopal!!

It is pleasure for me to read about Baba Hathiram ji , given in your Site. As per your story, Baba ji born in North India and came to South in Tirupati . I believe you might have gone through some material in this regard. You have not given the parentage of Baba Ji. Shri Rupla Naik in his book "Colourfull Banjara: throughout the ages" has give brief reference about Baba ji, that Baba Ji was great saint lived in Tirupati. He used to play cards with Lord Venktesh Swami. There is one Math in the name of Baba JI Hathi Ram in Tirupati . This I confirmed from my friend who visited Tirupati recently.

In Punjab, near Banga, Gunachaur which was known as Dhara Nagri, The Capital of Raja Gopi Chand, Baba Hathiram Ji came here with his brothers from hills of Una in search of livelihood. That time the name of Baba Ji was Assa Ram. His brothers took service with Raja Gopichand for Bathing and wellkeeping of Elephants of Raja Gopichand. They use to take one by one elephant to River and after bathing elephent they bring the elephant in the elephant tabela.

This was very difficult for brothers of Baba Ji who took this duty himself . It is heard that Baba Ji picked up elephent one by one and took to river and brought back to tabela in the same way. The News reached to the Raja Gopichand who was very estonished to hear this and decided to see himself . One day Raja Gopichand seen this Mirrical of Baba Ji and became devotee of Baba Ji and beg parden from Baba Ji.

It said that Baba Ji jumped 21 elephants standing in one row and came known as Baba Hathi Ram ji. Raja Gopichand donated 12 acre of land to Baba Ji which has no land record and beleived to have been controlled by the other farmers. Only one acre land is with Baba Ji temple which too has been alotted by D.C. who's father's name was Shri Asa Ram.

There is Mela every year on this temple on 3 to 5 Asahr. Our young lads perform kala of bazi and winners are awarded with suitably by the Mandir Committee. The Martyrdm day of Shahid Bhai Mani Singh Ji Banjhrawat also falls on 5th Asahr. Last year we tried to colub these two festivals . Let us hope it should remain continued.

Inder Singh Valjot, Chandigarh (Email: