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Sevagad Trust: Annual Report

JAI JAGADAMBA                                                                              JAI SEVALAL

Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj was born on 15.2.1739 to parents Shri Dharmani Yaadi (mother) and Shri Bhima Naik on this holy land around 271 years back. At that time this location was popularly known as Ramagundam or Ramji Naik Tanda (Ramji Naik is grand father of Sevabhaya, who come to the location with 360 families of his Tanda and about 4000 loaded cattles). Ramji Naik Tanda when deserted by the end of 18th century, the local people built a village known as Chennarayani palle. This land now falls in the revenue village of Peddadoddi, Taluk / Mandal – Gooty, Dist. Anandpur, Andhra Pradesh.

Sevabhaya lived with his parents at this place upto the age of 12. He bathed in “Kalo Kundo” (transparent clean water of natural spring water pond), worshipped in Chennakesava (Shiva) temple on the top of the Chandrayanagutta (hill) nearby Ramji Naik  Tanda and grazed his cattle in “Zhoomri Jhol” (Forest of Palms). All the relics and monuments are existings even today. Banjaras and non-Banjaras in the locality hold Bhima Naik Katta (platform) in high esteem and reverence since the “ORE” (residue) of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj is buried under the ground of this platform which is the tradition of the Banjaras to bury the residue after the delivery of the baby. Shri Bhima Naik delivered his judgements to Banjaras of his and neighbouring Tandas from this Katta.

In narration and in praise of sevabhaya’s life and deeds, there are abundant folk songs and folklores sung and oral history is also told by Banjaras for last 250 years. It is mentioned that “Gooty – Bellary – Ma – Janam lido Sevabhaya” (meaning : Sevabhaya was born at Gooty – Bellary).
Gooty taluka was in the then Bellary District of the then Madras province of British Raj. During that period there was no separate District called Anantapur as the Anantapur town was part of Bellary District. In Peddadoddi revenue village there is a piece of land of 18 acres next to dilapidated Ramji Naik Tanda and the same is shown in revenue records as “Nayakuni Bhoomi” (land of Nayak). It is also mentioned in the book “Sevadas Leelamrut” authored by Sant Shri Ramrao Maharaj of Pohragad (Sevabhaya’s Samadhi place) that Gooty Bellary was birth place of Sevabhaya. Sant Shree Ramrao Maharaj is living Sant of Seventh generation of Shri Sevabhaya family. Even well known author, poet and Banjara folk singer  Shri Atmaram Rathod of Yevatmal (Maharashtra) has also established the same location in his popular book “Shri Sant Sevadas Leela Charitra” as Sevabhaya’s birth place. After lot of research works and explorations by many research scholar, linguistics, historians particularly Banjara Dharmik Parishad of Bangalore have identified and proved this location as sevabhaya’s birth place.

Ninth Annual Report
(15.02.2009 to 14.02.2010)

Dear Honourable Members,

We have great pleasure in presenting the Ninth Annual Report (15.02.2009 to 14.02.2010) together with the statements of accounts for the financial year ended on 31st March 2009 duly audited by the Chartered Accountants M/s. D.H. Rama Associates for the record and approval of general body. With your inflinching faith and confidence, our Trust has completed 9 glorious years and enters the 10th year with the same zeal and vigour for serving the entire fraternity.

Annual General Body of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj is mostly placed on 14th February of every year. But, last year’s 8th annual general body was held on 30.07.2009 as it could not be called on 14.2.2009 due to the expected visit of the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Late Shri Y.S.R. Reddy. During eighth annual general body meeting a 3 member committee of S/Shri Amarsigh Tilawat, Shankar Jadhav and C. Rama Naik was constituted for internal audit of the years 2007-2008 and 2008-09. The internal audit committee submitted its report on 14.11.2009 which is for your perusal and approval.

It is our bounded duty to pay our tribute to late Shri Ranjit P. Naik who was spirit behind for location of this holy place by spending huge amount and sweat. We pray to God to bestow peace for his soul and inspire us to fulfill his aspiration and ideal. We also pay homage to departed souls of members,  donors and their family members during the report year.


The Trust is registered under the leadership of late Shri Ranjit Naik Pujari (Founder President of the Trust and the then President of All India Banjara Seva Sangh) at the office of sub-registrar (Assurance) Gooty, Andhra Pradesh on 23.7.2001 under Indian Trust Act, 1882 by the following 25 founder Trustees from all over India.

    Name    State
1.        Shri Ranjit Naik Pujari    Maharashtra
2.        Shri Makhram Banduji Pawar    Maharashtra
3.        Shri Taranath H. Pawar    Karnataka
4.        Shri L. Rama Naik    Andhra Pradesh
5.        Shri S.K. Kesava Naik    Andhra Pradesh
6.        Shri Baburao Chowhan    Karnataka
7.        Shri Raju R. Naik    Maharashtra
8.        Shri Shankar T. Jadhav    Maharashtra
9.        Shri Bhimrao R.Chavan    Maharashtra
10.        Shri Arjun R.Rathod    Maharashtra
11.        Shri K.G. Vanzara    Gujarat
12.        Shri C.S. Kalyan Naik    Karnataka
13.        Dr. M. Shankar Naik    Karnataka
14.        Shri K.B. Jadhav    Maharashtra

    Name    State
15.        Shri T. Kishan Singh    Andhra Pradesh
16.        Shri S. Ramulu Naik    Andhra Pradesh
17.        Shri B. Lalya Naik    Andhra Pradesh
18.        Smt. Susheela R.L. Naik    Karnataka
19.        Smt. Chandrakala Ranjit Naik    Maharashtra
20.        Smt. Sulochana K. Naik    Karnataka
21.        Shri R. Shama Naik    Karnataka
22.        Shri Vijay B.Chavan    Maharashtra
23.        Shri Harilal P. Naik    Maharashtra
24.        Shri Shankar Pawar    Maharashtra
25.        Shri G. Bheemla Naik    Karnataka

Presently, the following 25 permanent Trustees, 14 nominated Trustees and 9 members of local Management Committee Manage the activities of the Trust.

    Name    Post
1.        Smt. Chandrakala R. Naik    President
2.        Shri K. Jagannadha Rao    Working President
3.        Dr. M.Shankar Naik    Vice President
4.        Shri Makhram B. Pawar    Vice President
5.        Shri Taranath H. Pawar    Vice President

    Name    Post
6.        Shri S.K. Kesava Naik    Vice President
7.        Shri K.G. Vanzara    Vice President
8.        Shri Raju R. Naik    Vice President
9.        Shri T. Kishan Singh    General Secretary
10.        Shri B. Lalya Naik    Treasurer
11.        Shri L. Rama Naik   
12.        Shri Chandrajeet R. Naik   
13.        Shri Shankar T. Jadhav   
14.        Shri Bhimrao R.Chavan   
15.        Shri Arjun R. Rathod   
16.        Shri C.S. Kalyan Naik   
17.        Shri K.B. Jadhav   
18.        Shri S. Ramulu Naik   
19.        Smt. Susheela R.L. Naik   
20.        Smt. Sulochana K. Naik   
21.        Smt. R. Shama Naik   
22.        Smt. Vijay B. Chavan   
23.        Shri Harilal P. Naik   
24.        Shri Shankar Pawar   
25.        Shri G. Bheemla Naik   

    Name    State
1.        Shri P. Jagan Naik    Andhra Pradesh
2.        Shri M.R. Naik    Andhra Pradesh
3.        Shri Amarsingh Tilawat    Andhra Pradesh
4.        Shri S. Laxmanna    Andhra Pradesh
5.        Shri L.L. Naik    Karnataka
6.        Shri K.S. Rama Naik    Karnataka
7.        Shri Seva Naik    Karnataka
8.        Shri Umesh Gopaldev Jadhav    Karnataka
9.        Dr. Thakar Naik    Karnataka
10.        Shri Govind K. Rathod    Maharashtra
11.        Shri Mohan Rathod    Maharashtra
12.        Shri Dharamsingh Rathod    Maharashtra
13.        Shri V.D. Chavan    Maharashtra
14.        Shri Bharat Rathod    Maharashtra

1.    Shri S. Laxmanna – Convenor
2.    Shri B. Lalya Naik
3.    Shri S.K. Kesava Naik
4.    Shri C. Aswartha Naik
5.    Shri D. Tagore Naik
6.    Dr. M. Sreeramulu Naik
7.    Shri A. Tipayya Naik
8.    Shri Ranga Naik
9.    Shri S.Venkateswar Naik
Trust has fleet of learned personnels from various stream of life and they are as follows:-


1.    Dr. D.T. Naik (IPS, Retd. Addl. DGP)
2.    Shri P. Jagan Naik (Ex-Minister)
3.    Shri Amar Singh Tilawat (Ex-Minsiter)
4.    Shri D. Lachiram Naik
5.    Shri B. Jamal Naik
6.    Shri S. Laxmana Naik
7.    Smt. Chandrakala Naik
8.    Shri D. Tagore Naik
9.    Shri C. Ashwartha Naik
10.    Shri Hari Shouri
11.    Shri S. Venkatesh Naik
12.    Shri M. Chenna Naik
13.    Shri Banda Ramudu
14.    Shri P. Chandrasekhar Naik
15.    Shri K.B.T. Naik

The Trust Board has decided to treat those who pay Rs.11,000/- as life members, those who pay Rs. one lakh as Patron and those who pay above Rs. one lakh as Chief Patron. The Trust also decided to record the names of those who pay more than Rs.50,000 on a plaque at the entrance (outside) of the temple.

Birth place of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj
Birth place of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj was searched and located by tireless efforts of All India Banjara Seva Sangh, Banjara Dharmik Parishad - Bangalore, Maharashtra State Banjara Samaj Karmachari Sanstha and Anantapur District branch of AIBSS in the year 2001.
Registration of the Trust:
The Trust was registered on 23.7.2001 by the name “Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj Memorial Trust – Sevagad and it’s name was changed to “Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj Charitable Trust- Sevagad” and the same was again registered on 17.4.2003 at the office of Sub-Registrar (Assurance) Gooty, Andhra Pradesh with the registration No. 36/2003. The trust Deed was signed by the 25 Founder Trustees from all over India who are reputed leaders, Social workers and devotees of Sant Shree Sevabhaya.
Photograph of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj:
A historical and monumental work has been done by the Trust in procuring picture of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj from Nizam Nawab’s personal palace chronicles/ archieves with the help of AIBSS and Banjara Dharmik Parishad (Bangalore) through the 25 years persistent efforts by Shri Chandrabhan Rathod of Nizamabad (A.P). Shri Namdeo Maharaj of Pohragad allowed Shri Raju Naik to photograph the original Pagadi (Turban) and the same is crowned in the photograph of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj.

Birth Anniversary of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj:
Every year trust celebrates the birth anniversary of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj on 15th February. A huge gathering takes place on 14, 15 and 16th of February for Darshan, prayer and Mahabhog ceremonies of Sant Shree Sevabhaya. Co-operation and help arrives from every sector of the community, government machinery etc. for the birth anniversary celebration.
The Trust has purchased ______ acres of land and received _____ acres of land as donation from Smt. Suvarna Mohan Rathod.  About 8 acres of land is given to A.P. government for school purpose. Total _____ acres of land is in possession of the Trust.
The Trust has constructed the site office with 5 rooms of 10 x 15 feet size with attached bath and latrines, two toilet block each containing 6 latrines and 5 bathrooms with flushing system and running water supply taps by installing hoisted sintex water storage tank in the year 2002.
The Trust got one borewell and 10 RCC water storage tanks having 100 water taps worth of Rs.4 lakhs for drinking water supply with the help of District Collector of Anantapur under Zilla Parishad Rural water supply Scheme in the year 2002.
The Trust got an independent 15 KV electric transformer installed on the site for electric supply to Sevagad to the tune of Rs.1.5 lakhs out of local M.P. funds of Shri Kaluva Sreenivasulu in the year 2002.
In the year 2002, the District Collector of Anantapur Shri Somesh Kumar and Anantapur Zilla Parishad Chairman Shri Zonna Suryanarayana gave an unflinching and whole hearted help to the trust by providing 5 Kms temporary metal road from Gollala Doddi crossing to Sevagad which cost  Rs.15 lakhs.
Asphalting work of above said temporary metal road alongwith three culverts were completed in the year 2005 under the MNP grant. For the above work, Shri Pocharam Sreenivasa Reddy (Hon’ble Minister for Panchayat Raj, Andhra Pradesh and Guardian Minister of Anantapur District) used his good offices and recommended the same to Government of India for the budget sanction of Rs.38 lakhs.
The Trust constructed a temporary temple of aluminium structure and acrylic sheets in which four huge portraits of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj were installed. The temporary temple was opened to devotees on 14.2.2002 by the auspicious hands of Shree Durgadas Maharaj of Pohragad and Shree Laxmandas Chaitanya Bapu of Pal Ashram Tq. Raver, Dist. Jalgaon (Maharashtra).
A Bhoomi Pooja was performed on 15.2.2002 for constructing permanent temple by the auspicious hands of his holiness Sant Shri Laxmandas Chaitnya Bapu,Shri Durgadas Maharaj of Pohragad and Shri Ranjit Naik, founder President of the Trust.
In the year 2004, the Temple construction committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Shri K. Jagannadha Rao. Temple Construction Committee Members are  S/Shri S.K. Kesava Naik, L. Rama Naik, B. Lalya Naik, Arjun Rathod, Shankar Pawar, T. Kishan Singh and Dr. Shankar Naik.
Ground breaking ceremony for permanent temple was performed on 22.10.2004 by the Addl. D.G.P.,  Dr. D.T. Naik (IPS) and Retired I.G. Shri K. Jagannatha Rao in the presence of the Trust President Smt. Chandrakala Naik and other dignitaries.
Shri Shankar Pawar (Founder Trustee) stared the construction work of permanent temple of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj on 18.11.2004 and completed the job from foundation to the plinth level which cost him Rs.7.00 lacs.
The construction of holy temple of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj is completed and the marble statue of Sevabhaya is placed into the temple. Mata Jagadamba statue is also placed in the temporary temple where portraits of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj were placed. For the day, the temple and statue were opened to devotees for darshan by Shri Jugnu Maharaj on 15.2.2008.
Statue of Sevabhaya:
The statue of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj is carved in one piece best quality Makrana marble stone by Shri Kamal Pandey and Harish Kumar Pandey. The statue height is 6’1” and Sevabhaya is in sitting posture giving blessings to his devotees.
Charitable Programme:
Youth leadership training programme was conducted for one week at Sevagad under the guidance of Smt. Kanan Teacher of the Art of Living in the year 2003.
A medical camp and plantation program was taken under the social forestry scheme by the Trust in the year 2007. N.S.S. Students have extended their co-operation for the above said program. A meditation camp was also conducted with the assistance of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Maharaj of Bangalore.
It is one of the object of the holy place to make a learning centre for the Banjaras. To achieve this goal  the help was provided by Rural Development Trust by constructing two dormitories, kitchen cum dining hall and 4 quarters for staff of the school at the cost of Rs.16,00,000/-. Presently, these structure are vacant as the students have shifted to new buildings of S.T. Residential School. The vacant structures are in the possession of the Trust.
S.T. Residential School was inaugurated by Hon’ble Agricultural Minister of A.P, Shri N.  Raghuveera Reddy, Anantapur M.P.Shri  Ananta Venkal Ramji Reddy, MLA of Singanamala Shri Sailajanath, MLA of Gooty Smt. N.Neelavathi, District Collector Smt. A.V. Anuradha (IAS), I.G of Hydrabad Shri D.T. Naik (IPS) on 13.9.2004.  It’s progress is appreciable and results are encouraging.
The Trust has handed over about 8 acres of land to Tribal Welfare Department of Andhra Pradesh government for constructing permanent school building, staff quarters and dormitories in the year 2005. Construction of buildings are completed by the government departments and classes upto 10th std. are being run.
Live Stocks:
The Trust has 5 cows and 4 horses which are donated to the trust by devotees of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj.

Mahabhog to Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj was offered on 15.2.2009 by the auspicious hands of Balbrahmachari Jagatguru Shri Ramrao Maharaj (family tree member of Shri Sevabhaya). He also donated Rs.25,000/- to the Trust for the noble cause of temple construction.
The “Pran Pratistha” of statue of Sant Shre Sevalal Maharaj was performed by enchanting “slokas” by 9 Brahmins for 5 days from 8th February to 12th February, 2009. The temple was opened to devotees by the hands of Agricultural Minister (A.P)  Shri Raghuveera Reddy and Tribal Welfare Minister (A.P) Shri Reddya Naik.
Due to the proposed visit of the then C.M. of Andhra Pradesh Shri Y.S.R. Reddy, the 8th annual general body meeting couldn’t be conducted on 14.2.2009 and the same was held on 5th death anniversary of Shri Ranjit Naik (Founder President) on 30.07.2009.
During 8th annual general body meeting, a internal audit committee of 3 members namely Shri Amarsingh Tilawat (Andhra Pradesh), Shri Shankar T. Jadhav (Maharashtra) and C. Rama Naik (Karnataka) was constructed to check and submit its report for the audited accounts of the year 2007 to 2009. The report was submitted to President of the trust on 14.11.2009.
During the report year ____ persons are enrolled as life members, ______ as patrons, _______ as chief patrons and _______ persons as donors of the trust. Till date there are _____ life members, _______ patrons and ________ Chief patrons of the trust.
During the report year one annual general body meeting was conducted on 30.7.2009 and ________ special general body meeting also conducted. Trust board meetings were conducted on ______ occasions and local management committee meetings were held ____ times in the report year.
Due to lack of funds the major developmental activities could not be taken up during the report year. Few donations received during the report year was used for settling the pending bills.
1.    To construct the Mata Jagadamba Temple.
2.    To set up old age home.
3.    To set up Arts and Crafts training centre at Sevagad.
4.    to acquire 150 to 200 acres of state government land around Sevagad for future establishments of Arts and Science College, Medical and Engineering Colleges, Banjara Dialect Research Centre and many more such faculties and ultimately for establishing university in memory of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj.
5.    Demand to place the name of Shri Ranjit Naik to government residential school at Sevagad.
6.    Request to issue postal stamp in commemoration of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj.
7.    To follow up for constructing dormitory at Sevagad as promised by the Dist. Collector Shri Shridhar.
8.    Request to start junior college in existing premises of government school at Sevagad.
9.    To follow up for the link road from Sevagad to Pamidi via Naga Samudram.

On behalf of Board of Trustees, we express our sincere thanks to All India Banjara Seva Sangh, Banjara Dharmik Parishad (Bangalore), Maharashtra State Banjara Samaj Karmachari Sanstha and Anantpur District Branch of AIBSS whose selfless efforts could come to true for searching and location of Sevagad.
We convey our sincere thanks to Shri Mohan Rathod (USA), who is the first person to purchase the land in the name of his wife Smt.Suwarna Mohan Rathod and donated 6.0 acres of land to the trust in the year ___ in loving memory of his parents late Shri Ramabai and Ratansingh Rathod.
A special mention must be made for thanks to Shri Chandrabhan Rathod of Nizamabad by whose efforts and generosity only we could see the photograph of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj.
The Trust is also very much thankful to Shri Shankar Pawar of Mumbai who has contributed for construction of foundation work upto plinth level of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj Temple under his direct supervision by staying for 15 days at Sevagad in the year 2004.
The Trust compliments Anantapur District Branch of AIBSS, Local Management Committee and Advisory Committee of the Trust, who have worked very hard, scarified money, time and energy for last 9 years to achieve all the above stated developments. Particularly Shri Ramavath Keshav Naik, L. Rama Naik, B.Lalya Naik, Tagore Naik, Laxmanna Naik, Ashwantha Naik, Hari Shouri, Venkatesh Naik, S.K. Ramchandra and many others of Anantapur district have shown capable leadership in organizing and completion of the work.
The Trust expresses its gratefulness and thanks to all the surrounding village people of Gollala Doddi, Pedda Doddi and Charlopalli, who gave an excellent co-operation for the noble cause of Sevagad. We also very much thankful to Agricultural land owners of the Sevagad who have sold their lands voluntarily and happily at reasonable rates to the holy cause of Sevagad.
Our Trust is very much thankful to father Vincent Ferrer of Rural Development Trust, Anantapur for starting a school and later donating the structures worth of Rs.18 lacs to the Trust.
We place on record our grateful thanks to Poojya Shree Kaleswar Swamiji of Penukonda (Anantapur) for his generous gesture in donating granite flooring material for the temple which costs more than Rs. 4 lacs.
The Trust specially thanks to Shri Arjun Rathod, Harilal Naik,Govind Rathod and Khemsingh Jadhav for rendering their services to make  available the statue of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj and we also place our thanks to Shri Kamal Pandey and Harishkumar Pandey of Jaipur for carving the beautiful statue of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj.
The Trust expresses its immense gratitude to the government authorities and departments of Anantapur District for their excellent services and co-operation in making the developmental activities smoothly, peacefully and successfully.
We are earnestly thankful to Sant Shree Ramrao Maharaj (family tree member of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj) who visited the Sevagad on 15.2.2009 and offered Mahabhog and Rs.25,000/- donation to noble cause of the Trust.
The Trust is very much pleased to inform the Trustees, Life members, Donors and Devotees of Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj that all the developmental activities are taking place as planned and contemplated by the grace of mata  Jagadamba and Sant Shree Sevabhaya. The Trust acknowledge their gesture whole heartedly. The Trust convey its thanks for their generous promises and wish that Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj may prevail upon them to fulfill their promises. The Trust Board requests to Trustees, Life members, donors and devotees to keep continuing their co-operation and donation in the form of cash and kind to achieve the objectives of the Trust. We are confident that within few years Sevagad will become not only popular and biggest pilgrimage place of worship but also will become the place of learning to the people of the country.
Thanking you,

President            Secretary            Treasurer

For and on behalf of
Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj Charitable Trust-Sevagad


9th Annual Report
(15.02.2009 to 14.02.2010)


Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj Charitable Trust – Sevagad
Charloppali Village, Via. Gollala Doddi on Gooty – Guntakal Highway,
Mandal - Gooty, Dist. Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Posted on February 17, 2010-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------