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On the First Anniversary of Banjara Times and 11th Death Anniversary of our Great Path Pardarshak Late Shri Boota Ram Ji Dharamsaut, we proudly announced the new column  "Goaar Goshti" which will discuss about the subject of "Goaar Chetna" by our Prominent Visitors, Writers and Scholars. You are requested to send your detailed views about "Goaar Chetna", with your photo and biodata to our e-mail:

Dear Om Prakash Ji,
I am very much impressed by your Site. It is very nice Portal...Only Remaining thing is to integrate all our people on ONE STRING. They all have to feel Proud of our Community. Protect our rights, culture and traditions.

We have to make awareness of our community to the village level people and then they have to feel proud of community. So, All India Banjara Seva Sangh Group has to roam around the All Over India.

Our Banjara People having Different social status. So, they all have to know about their privileges provided by the Government. We have to fight for our Rights and Representations in the Politics and in the Education field.
Culture has to flow from one social status to other. We have to create a separate matrimony for our Gorboli People under the name of Banjara, like Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, Marwari.
Educated people has to take responsibility for awareness of our community and unity among us.
In all the states equal representation not given. If you look at Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, fully dominated in the population by our Banjara People but representation is very less. Only few castes like Kamma and Reddy ruling the state Andhra Pradesh. Their representation in population is less than 7% of total population. Indirectly they are utilising the more than 70% representation (reservation in politics). This kind of situation exist everywhere in the country. So we have to condemn this situation. Telengana Region is fully populated by our Goaar People. So, this region has to be ruled by us. Please take this issue among our political leaders. So that atleast they will take this kind of issues to the Party Presidents or else we create our own party for fighting our rights.
Our Marriage Bureau has to work for the more registartion of students/Brides/Grooms.
Marriages to be freely allowed among the different categories of different states between our community. AIBSS has to strive for Constitutional Representation to the Banjara Boli Language.
Release the History, Aims, Culture and Tradition Book on Our Community and Distribute all over the India, till it reaches to the Village Level.
We all have to feel that 'We are respected and Our People are there for any thing'.

There is enough research gone on our community and langauge. That research has to be get converted to different state langauges and circulated to all the people.

Nominate statewise AIBSS look for thorough working. When statewise Meetings are held then all the Head of the state Banjara have to be present and promise for More things to Awake our people.

I afraid how we have to approach for shining in our community people. How the strategies has to be made for upliftment of community.
How the Goals has to be targeted. What is the best approach to be adopted?

But I feel,
1. Awareness among our people to strengthen affinity towards the development.
2. They have to feel recognized by the only one name Community.
3. Recognize our Goaar Boli (Banjara). Lesser spoken also got recognition but not ours. So we have to fight for constitutional representation to our community.
4. Educationally make strong in every aspect.
5. Socially awareness among all our people.
6. Inter-State Marriages among our community.
7. People has to know about the Government and their policies for betterment of our life.
8. Encourage the youngsters in the politics.
9. Fund has to raised from the Government for Upliftment of Community under Community Development Programme.
10. Guiding policy has to adopted for our people.
So above are few. We still have inputs for the Improvement.

Hand-in-Hand has to adopted.

About Banjara Workers Convention, Jaipur: Very Nicely organised Banjara Workers Convention at Jaipur, Rajasthan. In visionary plan and strategic ways to implement integration of Banjaras all over the India. Fight for our Rights, Culture, Political Freedom and Recognition.
Now in Dehardun they are going to conducting the Convention. So, all the dignitaries from all over India to be called for future plans.
I am at Dehradun. I want to participate. Please introduce my name to the concerned members of AIBSS Uttranchal.
Kamal Ji, you wrote that you will be putting my photo in the Banjara Times. Please put in the best column and give my opinion on improvement and integration of Banjaras. The only Indian community which is having the presence in all over India and in the foreign Countries. This is our proudness to be in identity.
If you need any kind of suggesstion, I am here.
Live for upliftment of Banjara Community.
We are the Banjara. We will save the India.
Venkanna Vadthya, Dehradun

Jai Goaar Ekta
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your concern.
But firstly, I am describing about living of Banjaras and their business.
Khargone is well known by the name of West Nimar. It is still in the list of undeveloped districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is because no source of investment or business in this area. It is fully depends on agriculture. Agriculture depends on rain. Khargone area don't have any other source of irrigation as dams, canals, rivers or wells.

In Khargone especially Banjara lives in-group of 10 or 20 peoples who known the name of tanda. They always like to live away from city or road. They had not read & well educated and also don't want to read & educate to their children in any school or college.

The main cause of downfall of our community is uncivilisation and little knowledge of birth control. There are one member is earning and other people depends on him. This is the reason, population & starvation increasing day by day.

Population of Khargone & Khandwa:

District                               Tandas     Population      % of education
Khargone (West Nimar)     140     149000             15%
Khandwa (East Nimar)        95       115000             13%

This survey (figures of population) is as per best knowledge of our senior persons.

Everybody enjoying on this website that is good for our identification. We are thankful to Mr. Om Kamal Ji who is doing fantastic job for our community.

But there are some problems because every person giving long statements about themselves, But not giving any solution to improvement of our community, improvement in education (school, college, boarding) or any facility as academic programs to enhancement in education, high education on low fee, physical & financial aid to poor students or any support for jobs to unemployed students or any arrangements for marriage of poor peoples, any hospice (guest room) at the religious places. Why do not thinking our politicians, sociable & youngster about above and why not making strong unity?

So dear please wakeup & don’t waste our valuable time to giving long statements.

I request to all Goaar brothers, sisters, politician, sociable & educated persons, please go ahead and hold each others hand and do the best for our poor & unemployed students. So that they can get good education & also help to Mr. Om Kamal Ji for additions or development of more programs on the web.

I appeal to every educated Banjara bhai-behan through this website (Banjara Times) please rush and immediate join this website and share any history about our ancestors, like music, dance, fashion, ornaments, our culture and marriage songs. Also upload marriage photos, our folk song, any historical moments, So that we can keep alive our traditions made by our ancestors.

Publishing of a Magazine: My own suggestion to Mr. Om Kamal Ji, if possible or have any facility for issuing a Monthly /Yearly magazine on the Indian and NRI Banjara's culture and traditions, then please think about my request. I hope that all Banjara bhai and behan will cooperate to Mr. Om Kamal Ji in this sociable work.

Discussion about our Rajput Origin: I became upset when I read this nonsense discussion on Rajput theory. What will happen if we are Rajput? We must be proud only on Banjara (Goaar) word. That is enough for our origin.
Stop this nonsense discussion and think about who is hungry, poor and uneducated. If we have time to think about this un-useful discussion then why not thinking & fighting for school, college, hostel, scholarship & all facilities for our poor kids, students, employment for our educated unemployed Goaars.

Please inform me any time, any data or knowledge as you wants regarding our community. I will be always ready for our community especially for you.

Thanks sir,
Raju Nayak
Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

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