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Warm greetings. 
I have just read a letter on the web page dated August 20, 2002 addressed to the late  president Ranjit Naik from somone in UP named Mr. Vishnu Pratap Singh.  I hope the recipient took the article to heart and did not readily dismiss its wisdom and guidance, for the sake of the "Northern Banjaras".  I would like to address this to AIBSS President Dr. M. Shankar Naik, to be handled as he sees appropriate.
My purpose for writing in a general sense is that I have been involved in Banjara research off and on for some twenty five (25) years, and therefore have not only developed a very warm love and regard for the people, but also am very interested in obtaining factual information that will lead to their betterment and privilege.  I also have a friend, Ebe Sunder Raj who is a champion of the dalits, and is also invovled from time to time with the Banjara.
In a specific sense I am once again involved in trying to set forth, as accurately as possible, population data for the Banjara/Lambadi...and in fact all the Roma people of South Asia.  I see now there are approximately from '01 Census figures, there are nearly a million Banjara in Karnataka alone.  However, I have heard/seen obviously inflated numbers as high as 40 million Banjara in India, but realize there are far short of that number for the entire of Roma (gypsy) peoples' population - globally.  I also see where the Banjara in Karnataka per Census are classified as SC vs ST.  I'm supposing this has something to do with the increased privileges and social lift referred to in the referenced letter. 
What I'm asking is, from you learned role and position have you come to an estimate of the number of Banjaras in:  India?  Each state? 
If so, I would appreciate learning of those figures, with your estimate of degree of reliability.
My research reveals there are someone less than 10 million Banjara in all of India, and more closely approximating 6 million.  Over the years we have done quite a bit of district-level research, especially in Andhra Pradesh, and find there is appoximately 2 million in AP (a little over that at this time).
I have been in India for research related reasons over 20 times in the last 28 years, and have watched population estimates sky-rocket for the Banjara/Lambadi.  I realize additional research has revealed some additions, and some methods and definitions/criteria have helped modify the numbers.  However, I have now seen published from India sources just in the past week the number set at 40 million (as I mentioned this is more than double the researched estimate for gypsies globally) and feel this can have very negative consequences if unrealistic motivations results, as well as a mal-distribution of efforts and resources.  I am very pro-Banjara and help funnel considerable resources to them, but realize that it is only factual information that can build the right foundation, or provide the right reference for wise decision making.
I would much appreciate if someone could respond to this letter, especially with regards to the population information.  I also would be very willing to discuss this further and share what information I have.  I also have some thematic maps depicting people group distribution.
I also notice you have a mailing address in Campbell, CA.  I have family in that area that I visit periodically.  What is the nature of that office.  Is it primarily for raising/processing support??
Cordially yours,
Bob Waymire

Hello, dear Om Parkash Kamal very healthy good morning!

Today indeed it gives me immense pleasure to come across such a work done by a honed and skilful personality and to put few words in your appreciation. Just I got to this site through search engines; I even never dreamt of that our Banjara Samaj could have such a beautiful creation on internet. Let me tell you about me in nutshell, my name is mentioned above and I am 35 yrs old, from Bhookiya clan true Banjara speaking our own Goaar language very much fluently, employed in Indian Air Force. Now I believe that there is some one who created a most powerful medium to get Goaar closure with each other.

Dear now I need permission to leave but let me assure you that it would be my earnest endeavor if I could be of any help at this end. 

I will keep in touch. Please convey my regards to your family and friends who supported you for this beautiful work.

With regards

Yours truly,

Jayant Singh Nayak

Dear Kamal ji,

Greetings from  here!

I could not reply  you because I was busy with my activities in other states.
I was in Patna when some activities was going on in Delhi (Banjara activities). Today I came to know about Banjara conference.
I want to share my feelings - All leaders of Banjaras in Delhi, they are political opportunists, they are playing political games here because election is coming soon. They dont know the importance of education . They are not social reformer. Now in our community we need some Social reformer  like you. First off all education is must. If we are not educated, can we do any thing for our community, family, country? Kamal ji , Please say something to North Indian Banjara leaders.
Please organize a one day seminar  on the Importance of education in Banjara community Or Role of education in Banjara community. Our North Indian leaders should know the importance of education. I can help  in this seminar and manage fund etc.,  but young generation should be on front.
Banjara Bhawan: Last week I went to Chandigarh as a speaker in a seminar and I stayed in Saini Bhawan. Saini (Maali) is a well known cast in India. Kamal ji it is surprising for me that there are lots of Bhawan (cast based bhawan) but I could not found Banjara Bhawan. We have sufficient politicians, social activist, organisations, but we don't have a single Banjara Bhawan. It is very shameful.
Please any body correct me or tell me in which state we build a Banjara Bhawan (Dharamshala). I am sorry to say we are not doing anything for community, we are only doing for ourself.

Dr. Suraj P. Badtiya
Editor and Associate Fellow


Respected Om Prakashji
Jai Goaar Ekta!
 Firstly I am thankfull to you. You are doing good work for community awareness.
As my interest in Goaar Banjara Welfare, I would like to tell you that in Rajasthan, Banjara community is in real senses most backward due to the lack of literacy and lack of job opportunity. No body knows technical skills here.
In brief about myself, I am Goaar Banjara. My gotra is Wartia (Bartia). My native place is Didwana, District Nagaur, RAJASTHAN.  My Date of Birth  is 07-05-1962.
I am an Engineering Graduate in 1985 from C.T.A.E. Udaipur, RAJASTHAN.
I am first Banjara Engineering graduate from Rajasthan. Presently I
am in government job. I am  an Executive Engineer (Land Resources) in
Zila Parishad Bikaner, Rajasthan. My e-mail address is: "" 

 My permanet address is Sita Ram Banjara, Sunder Sadan, Railway Station Road, Didwana-341303.
My present and postal address is Sita ram Banjara, Executive Engineer, Shiv Coloney Subhash Pura, Bikaner. My Telephone nos. are: 91-151-2200474 (Res.), 91-151-2200695 (Office), Mobile: 91-94148-63432.


Respected Friends,

I am having a smooth sailing here and, at the same time, look forward from the depth of my heart this letter to finding you in a fine fettle dei gratia.

I belong to Rai Sikhs (Mahatams) community which is recognised as Denotified Tribes in Punjab and Haryana. I am President of this community  and fighting for the poorest of the poor for the last 35 years.

I have read your website with keen interest. It is quite informative.

I send my best wishes to all of you.

Do convey my profound regards to all and Sundry. I would look forward to your continuing cooperation in the coming years in making the community the great pride of us. I am, indeed, happy to send my warmest greetings and felicitations to all of you through this letter.
With deepest regards,

Yours most sincerely,

Gurdip Singh Warwal

Consul (Passports, PIO, OCI and Attestation) and Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, Frankfurt (Germany)

C/o Ministry of External Affairs, Diplomatic Bag Section, South Block, New Delhi-110011

Phones: 00-49-69-74087846 (Office), 00-49-69-15300543 (Office), 00-49-69-46992404 (Res), 00-49-174-5442262 (Mobile) (Personal), 00-49-173-6715524 (Mobile) (Office)


Time: 4.30 hours (-) IST, Office timing: 0900 to 1730

Hello Goaar Brothers/Sisters
I am very thankfull to Mr. Kamal for his great work for Banjara community. I am from Dehradun and serving in ONGC. We organised Pratibha Samman Samaroh at Dehradun on 28.09.2008. I was organiser of this programme.

I think this site will organise our community.  There are many more people in very good condition like Education, Political Position, Administrative, Medical,  Engineers & Doctors,  but here was lack of information about our community.  I hope you are doing this work, this is the time of revolution and we will succeed.  I have one daughter and one son, both are doing B. Tech, Computer Science & Engineering 3rd year & 4th year.
It is also requested to kindly any News Paper, Magazine on our Community, if available, can be continue with me. All the best.
Mohan Singh
12-Ashoka Enclave,
Indira Gandhi Marg,
Niranjan Pur,