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L. D. Laxman, Bellari, Karnataka

Dear Om Prakash Kamal ji
kindly see the attachment file for Biodata
I am heartly impressed about you and along with banjara community site. You did outstanding job and all banjara goaars of all over in India must keep in mind that kamal ji
had made this wonders to goaars. Once again I proud of you sir.
This site is extraordinary in looking but little bit quite changes are necessary that if you shown our Banjara Guru photo in front page so it looks attractive along with banjara dresses.

Again in this site bajnara goaars information should be available to all the goaars of India with state wise, district wise, taluk wise, so the goaas would be more happy with this.

Kamal ji in many states like Karnataka having more banjara people but no development towards community base. Many MLAs, Minister, Higher officials were here and they are
all selfish and no involved in uplifting of lower class banjara people in the way of education, awareness, facility,
culture ,tradition etc. this type of partiality should demolish within our community and come forward towards the community  as well as higher official person should involve in the improvement work.

The AIBSS president should communicate all states banjara’s and AIBSS president must establish state wise Banjara sangh and AIBSS must communicate to state wise
president to establish district wise sangha. District president must establish taluk wise sangha, and taluk president must establish village wise banjara sangha. And frequently AIBSS and SIBSS should visits the same. Then only our community can develop and people can aware of unity,
culture and tradition.

By making this type of sangha’s people can share the views and educated people must inform all the people about their rights and liability towards banjara community as well as country.

In our country banjara people distributed region wise and in our constitution categorized them as region wise as SC, ST, OBC etc. so we fight with our government to bring down equality through out India. And our language also varies in one place to place so we could not understand little bit
properly among of us. So our AIBSS should think off.

Many students were lacking of guidance, help, and financial positions, for that higher category banjara people should guide, direct, help them towards development.
We must publish our banjara History, Aims, Culture and Tradition Book on Our Community and Distribute all over the India, till it reaches to the Village Level.  And banjara community should shine like other community in the country and our community people do like this.

Thanking you

Yours goaar banjara
Jai goaar ekta
Jai hind

Laxman L.D chavan
DMT.E, B.COM, LLB, (B.Tech-Mech)

FATHER NAME   : L. Dakya Naik
MOTHER NAME   : Padmavati Bai
DATE OF BIRTH   : 15th Jun 1980
SEX     : Male
COLOUR    : White, fair.
HEIGHT    : 5.4’’  
WEIGHT    : 63 KG
BIRTH PLACE   : Sitharama Thanda
CASTE    : Lambani
GOTHRA     : Chavan (Jath-Keluvat)
WIFE NAME   : Shaila Laxman
WIFE EDUCATION : B.Sc.B.Ed (CBZ) from Davangere, Kuvenmpu, university, Shimogga.
SEX : Male
AGE : 2.10 months old
FATHER     : Agriculturist
MOTHER    : House wife
SISTERS    : One Married
BROTHERS : TWO, One is Cine Artist. Acting in Kannada movies, other one is self employed in Hospet.
FAMILY : Simple, culture and tradition.
RELIGION    : Hindu
LANGUAGES KNOWN  : Lambani (Banjara), Kannada,
HOBBIES : Reading Newspapers, playing carom & Cricket                                       

• Now I am doing my B.Tech-Mech 3rd SEM in Bellary, Rajasthan vIdhyapeeth university, Rajasthan.

• Bachelor in law from Bellary law college, Gulburga University, Gulburga.

• Bachelor in commerce from Vijay nagar college, Hospet, Gulburga University, Gulburga.

EXPERIENCE :  Since 1999 to till date
Working as a Engineer in Quality Assurance Department since 1999 to till now in KALYANI STEELS LTD Ginigera, Koppal (tq & dist)

S/o L. Dakya Naik                                   c/o Kattagi Srikanth
2nd ward                                                  35th ward, 3rd cross,  
Sitharama Thanda                                   Weavers colony, radio station road,
HPC (po), Hospet (tq)                            Hospet (po & tq) Bellary (dist)
Bellary (dist)                                            Karnataka 583201
Karnatka-583215                                     Cell No: +91 9480728418


Myself Sushil Rathod, belongs to Banjara community, having so many questions in my mind.

Firstly the history of Banjara community. The history suggests that we were from Rajasthan. Our culture shows that. Then question is that when we split from Rajasthan? Why? What was the reason that we left all the property behind.
Second thing is that we fought for Prithiviraj Chavan. That means we were in army i.e. soldiers and also we were part of Nijam Army. Then why we are not included in history? From this we can sure that we are the Rajput Banjara. So many brave people from our community went away but nobody knows.
When the common man of Banjara community will get to know that?
As per as my knowledge Banjara means businessman. History suggests that our forefathers use to sell several things called as brang i.e. all our articles and from that we named as Banjara. Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.
Please get back to us.
Jai Sevalal!
Sushil Rathod (Electrical Engineer)
Pune, Maharashtra

Ram Ram Om Kamal ji,
          I already told you that I have few doubts those are mentioned below, and hope you will reply to all my doubts. Thanks for responding on mobile.

1.     Those who speak Gorboli are called Goaars? Is it correct?
2.     Are there any further divisions in Goaar tribe? Some people say like BARADYA GOAAR & THALKANYA GOAAR? What about this?
3.     Some people are not accepting as Banoth Rathod.
4.     Balnot (Banoth) clan &  Bhukya Rathod clans are brothers? Some places in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra state both clans (Rathod & Balnot) doing marriages with each other, but not accepts in some other places. They believe that both clans are brothers, I dont know about in other states in India. So, is there any story regarding these two clans? They are brothers or not?
5.     Which one is correct PAWAR or PAMAAR?
6.     Are there any Goaarboli books available? If yes then from where should I get?
7.     How the name Jadhav came into Wadtiya’s?
8.     Goaars belongs to which civilization Indus valley or Aryan?
9.     I read that there are 6 crore population of Goaar Banjaras living around India in different states. Is it correct?
10.     Where is the problem getting under the process of dialect?
11.     Why the Goaar Banjaras are SC’S, ST’S and Denotified Tribes in India?
12.  According to Late Shri Ranjit Naik ji we are not Rajput, then what we are?
13.  We are using Rathod, Chauhan, Jadhav, Pawar with our name is it correct? .

We all of  better know that todays communications is so fast, Can we do the following things in order to expose about our samaj to our Goaars?

·     By providing information on web like  you (,
·     By providing some programs such as news, programs on education, culture, traditions and entertainment on TV in our script Goaar Boli.
·     By books, cds, off course few books are available.
·     By visiting villages, towns, cities etc…
·     By some other means for the development of our samaj.
If we can convey our ideas, message, activities etc. to our samaj thereby they will be benefitted for their further development.
I dont know whether my views are correct or not but I think if our Sanghas (AIBSS), Sabhas, Trusts, Chetna Kendras make this things in considerations then I think it will work successfully for the development of Goaar samaj.
I dont know my views are correct or not, if yes and it is possible then please inform to our sanghas such as AIBSS, Sabhas, Trusts, Samitis, Chetna Kendras. I think If we do this type of planning thereby we can be rectify so many problems facing by our people.
                Thanking you
Jai Sevalal!
Your Goaar Bhai,
M. Ramesh Rathod, Scientist (DRDO), Hyderabad.


I am Mohanlal Gugulothu s/o Jadhu Nayak, from Jagadama Temple, Rathiram Thanda, Nellikudur Mandal, Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh, India, Pin Code: 506368. I am an International Teacher working in HENRY COUNTY SCHOOLS, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.-30253.

I visited our website and I am very much proud of it. My father is devotee of Sevalal Ji Maharaj, Tapasvi Ramrao Ji Maharaj and Mariamma Yaadi. We constructed a big temple of Jagadamba Devi at my home town at the above address and we visit our Punyakshetra Pohradevi mahayatra every year.
If  you would like to add my name to your list you can and let me know.
Thank you,
Mohanlal Gogulothu, Atlanta, USA