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Mein Thoda Hor Kehno Chha: Naresh B. Vanjara

Goaar Samaj of Gujarat/Panchmahal/Vadodara

Ram Ram sab Goaar Bhai!

In Gujarat/Panchmahal/Vadodara there are so many tandas. So many people from these tandas are rich and poor. All the people has some agriculture land. But due to rain problem they could not get good crops. Which tandas have water facilities, they are getting good crops. There are so many Goaar Bhai living in villages but working in cities. Because they don't have sufficient land in villages. If they have, then there is a rain problem. So they are moving to city side.

I want to say something about our Goaar Samaj's marriage rules and regulations. Before, boy was going for marriage and he live there for one month then he goes to marriage. During one month's stay he was doing farm work and house work. But now there are too much improvement taken place. In cities or villages all the Goaar Bhai has changed their attitude. Now every year our Banjara samaj's annual meeting held in different tandas. Rules and Regulations are discussed in meeting. If someone broke the rules then he is going to be punished by penalty in terms of money. Also all tanda Nayaks are coming in meeting and they are more responsible for their tando if the rules are broken. Before, girl's father was taking so much money from boy side for marriage but now it is not in practice. Only Rs.820 is given from boy side. But now 80% Goaarbhai are not taking any money from boy side. They are giving to their daughter like ornaments, clothes, all kitchen items, all household items and someone also gives vehicle. Today all the functions are finished within one day only.

There are so many girls and women working in government sector. I am requesting to all Goaar samaj that please give the higher education to your children. If they get higher education, then automatically their attitude will be changed and one day our samaj reach at top level. I again requesting to all young educated boys & girls that they must get high education and help to their family and our samaj. Our samaj needs your educated positive thinking power.

Lastly I am suggesting that we have to prepare list of boys and girls who are graduated in tandas. All the Tanda Nayaks should prepare the list and send to Banjara Times.
Naresh B Vanjara

Unity of Banjara Samaj: Naresh B. Vanjara, Saudi Arabia/Baroda, Gujarat

I am Naresh B Vanjara working in Saudi Arabia. My native place is Margala Tando Panchmahal District. From last 40 years we are living in Baroda, Gujarat.
People are always says that he wants to participate to Banjara samaj. He wants to do something for our samaj. But when they will do? In our all Goaar samaj there is no any unity. If we forget all the statewise relation then and become a group and make the unity of our samaj then everything is possible for achieving any thing from the government. Only 30% people are active with these all activities. I am from Margala Tando Panchmahal District. In our Panchmahal District there are following tandas:
Margala, Chikhli, Limdi, Jekot, Dahod, Meghnagar, Piplod, Randhikpur, Simli, Chhavad, Sagvada, Bedhiya, Vakdi, Sureli, Panar, Tadva, Kalariya, Udegadh, Khatukpur, Saniyada, Khilodi, Ranadev, Ranipura, Untana, Rinchhvani, Kodariya etc. Also Gotras like Karra, Vadatiya, Banot, Muchhal, Ladvavat, Lunsavat, Bhukiya, Vezaravat, Lavadiya, Kelut, Sakni, Thengiya, Rupavat, Mud, Jelavat, Bhanavat etc. are living. Our samaj is thinking that these Goaars are lower and we are higher Banjara. Our all samaj people are same category. No body is higher or lower Banjara. We can take our samaj on progressive path.
       Also I want to suggest that forget about category and we are all same as statewise. We have to keep Roti and Beti relation with other state Banjara samaj. Inter state marriages can be arrange. By this way we can make good relationship with other state Goaar Bhai. Every state's Goaar language is different but it can be adjusted. Here in our Gujarat state most Goaar Bhai are married with Gujarat state Goaar Bhai only. No one is ready to marriage outside state due to lac of knowledge. If our Goaar Bhai children will arrange marriage out of state then unity of our Banjara samaj will be increased. There are so many people, who are working on higher posts in Gujarat.
Ram Ram and Kashal Kem to all Goaar Bhai.
N B Vanjara,  BE DME DIS, Saudi Arabia