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Need of "All India Banjara Day"

Dear Om ji,

First, let me congratulate you on this endeavor.

With advancement in the field of science and technology the world is getting flatter. The fast and efficient means of communication has rendered people to stay connected.

But it is unfortunate that with the time and technology, we, the people of Banjara community are falling apart. As I had been a nomad for last few years, I have come across Banjaras from various states especially from Southern India. Our culture and dialects are as diverse as the nation is. It is highly influenced by local language and the cultural college, we are sharing with. Nevertheless it is the sign of any growing language to get it imbibed with few good things of other language. But the fact with Banjaras is they are highly localized and hardly communicate with the others out of their comfort zone.  Most of our marriages and most of our celebrations lack any zeal to get united at the larger forum.

In this I strongly feel that we must come up with some special occasion to identify ourselves at national level, and as a symbol of solidarity amongst us we must make a special occasion as "All India Banjara Day" or "Shri Seva Bhaya Jayanthi" at the larger banner with more media exposure at least every district level on a decided single day like we celebrate Mahaveer Jayanthi or Budh Poornima. This occasion may accordingly be utilized to discuss the area specific issues about the community and at the higher level integrating them with common action plan at the national level.

Lastly, I wish all the success to your efforts. And I hope that the concerned forum acting at the various levels in respective states may take up this issue with certain amount of seriousness.

With regards,
Dr. Narendra Naik, Assistant Commissioner, Income Tax