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I am Vinod Pawar, an engineer, BE (IT), from VJTI, Mumbai. I hail from Jalgaon District of Maharashtra. I have worked as a software engineer with the company HCL Comnet for a year. Currently I am persuing my MBA (Marketing) 2nd year, from Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai. I have a tremendous respect for people of our community and want to work for their betterment. Please let me know whenever I can be of any help in working for this noble cause.
I have written an article about the population of Banjaras in India.

Our Population in various states and reservation categories are as follows:

Karnataka SC 95 Lacs

Andhra Pradesh ST 85 Lacs

Maharashtra  VJ-A 80 Lacs

Uttar Pradesh OBC 65 Lacs

Madhya Pradesh OBC  55 Lacs

Rajasthan (Now SBC) 45 Lacs

Gujarat OBC 50 Lacs

Delhi SC 30 Lacs

Tamilnadu VJ 30 Lacs

West Bengal OBC 20 Lacs

Himachal Pradesh SC 25 Lacs

Bihar ST 29 Lacs

Orissa ST 20 Lacs

Kerala OPEN 10 Lacs

Haryana OBC 10 Lacs

Punjab SC, OBC 20 Lacs

Jammu & Kashmir OBC 8 Lacs

Arunachal Pradesh OPEN 7 Lacs          

Total Banjara Population in India 6 Crore 84 Lacs

Source: Bhatkya Vimukta Va Tyanche Prashna—Shankarrao Kharat, Banjara Calender-2007, Beed.

Population of India

Rank, State, Population as of March, 2001
Rank 1. Uttar Pradesh
Rank 2. Maharashtra
Rank 3. Bihar
Rank 4. West Bengal

Rank 5. Andhra Pradesh                      


Rank 6. Tamil Nadu

Rank 7. Madhya Pradesh

Rank 8. Rajasthan

Rank 9. Karnataka

Rank 10. Gujarat

Rank 11. Orissa

Rank 12. Kerala

Rank 13. Jharkhand

Rank 14. Assam

Rank 15. Punjab

Rank 16. Haryana
Rank 17. Chhattisgarh
Union Territory

Rank 18. Jammu and Kashmir

Rank 19. Uttarakhand

Rank 20. Himachal Pradesh

Rank 21. Tripura

Rank 22. Manipur[1]

Rank 23. Meghalaya

Rank 24. Nagaland

Rank 25. Goa

Rank 26. Arunachal Pradesh
Union Territory
Union Territory

Rank 27. Mizoram

Rank 28 Sikkim
Union Territory
 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Union Territory
 Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Union Territory
 Daman and Diu
Union Territory


Our population is more than that of most of the states in India but still we don't have any strong political voice in India. All the states were created on the basis of language then if we consider our language as a basis then with such huge population  we could be a 6th biggest state in India, but as we are spread all over India and not in a particular region we could not make any big impact in Indian politics as we are not united. How many MPs n MLAs and  ministers we have in national and state cabinets? very few,the number will be below 10. There has been no influential banjara leader who has influence beyond his district after Shri Vasantrao Naik (CM of Maharashtra from 1963 to 1975).

Instead of being in one country having same language, culture and socio-economic state  we have been put under various categories in various states.

See what Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla did in Rajasthan, he fought for Gujjars, though many gujjars have died in agitation finally they have got reservation under special category,in which Banjaras are also included, thanks to Colonel Bainsla. The point I want to make is if Gujjars can fight for their rights, why can't we unite and fight for our rights, we are large in numbers, imagine  what kind of pressure we can put on Government. On one side we are fighting for SC/ST status and on other side Maharashtra Government has put the condition of non-creamy layer certificate  for the VJ category in state, where seats of many courses remain vacant in various colleges for various courses due to lack of candidates. Would the state government have dared to take this step if we had leader like Col. Bainsla?

Jai Sevalal! Jai Hind!!


Vinod Pawar

MMS (Marketing) SIMSREE, Mumbai

BE(IT), VJTI Mumbai.