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Muslim Banjara community victim of oppression

Rampur: Mahmooduz Zafar Rahmani, the President of All India Muslim Banjara Federation, has appealed to the president and the prime minister to intervene against government’s oppression of Muslim ‘Banjaras’ of Gujarat. He said that Muslim Banjaras were inhabiting ever since the reign of aboriginal kings in Dang district of Gujarat. They were leading a happy and peaceful life and were engaged in agricultural and other activities there. When Independence dawned in 1947, even then they were equal partners, along with their Hindu brethren, in the country’s progress. In 1962 when farmers were made owners of their lands, these Muslim Banjaras were also given papers for ownership of lands.

Mahmooduz Zafar Rahmani, former chairman of Tanda Municipal Board declared that ever since BJP government has taken over in Gujarat, on one side churches are being destroyed, Christians themselves are being attacked and they are being re-converted, and on the other side the members of Sangh Parivar have started harassing these Muslim Banjaras. They are being forced to change their religion, their lands are being grabbed and they are being pressurized to change their names. He has requested the president and the prime minister to intervene immediately in this matter and order the government of Gujarat to change their attitude in this respect and give these Muslim Banjaras all those legal rights which are enjoyed by their Hindu brethren. He further said that when Muslim Banjaras narrated their tales of woe to the collector of Lok Adalat of Chanchal town of Gujarat’s Dang district, he expressed his helplessness but suggested that if they become Hindus, he could restore all rights to them. Rahmani further said that the Gujarat government probably does not realize that its policy will endanger the peace, security and integrity of the country and may also create such conditions as are prevailing in Assam, Meghalaya, Kashmir, Tripura, Nagaland etc. He further said that if immediate attention is not paid towards this problem, there will be chaos and disturbances in the land of Gandhiji and it will become difficult to stop it. He said that there is no room for religious fanatics in the land of patriots and nationalists like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad and Kidwai. He also said that on one side BJP leaders demand abolition of Art. 356 so that everybody could get the right to buy land and property but on the other hand, they are depriving these Muslim banjaras of their legal and natural rights.

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