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GOAAR CHETNA: We should focus for a developing progressive and promising plan

Dear Kamal Ji,

Having established website, we are slowly but steadily spreading our wings to reach all of our dear ones and it started showing the results also. Day by day more and more Banjara brothers are getting connected with this. This is a very good beginning and still I feel there is a long journey we have to travel.

Although our community had glorious and colourful, great history of performance in the past however our present conditions of our millions of brothers and sisters is still far from desired level. There is an urgent need for serious and sincere introspection on the pathetic and painful present and uncertain future of our community.

Many of our people still struggling for two time meal this is despite of the facts that we have reservations in some parts of India, and there are many Govt. schemes in many states for the upliftment of living standard of people. If we analyse things are different although it is more than 60 years for our independence still we are not in the part of progress in India, many of us are not at all main stream of India.

We still lack good education, sound health, resources are still far from our peoples reach, many are still under poverty, and adopting our old traditions of migration to one place to another in search of lively hood. Any big projects, any construction site, we can see our beloved poor Banjaras as labours without any shelter, food, and clothing.

Now  it is more than 60 years have been completed for India’s Independence  but  you and I know still the conditions of majority of our people have not improved and it was neglected  therefore,  immediate attention of Govt., is needed for the development of present condition of our people.

Social organisations and also people like us have to work to built popular opinion to bring to the attention of the Government.

By narrating above plight of our people, I am not trying to make any one responsible for the above lapses nor my intention is to make any one afraid, my only purpose is to, through this we can co-operate, educate and also can contribute to eradicate the problems of our people who genuinely deserves help from this nation and also from our society. Therefore in my opinion “We should focus for a developing progressive and promising plan” so that the purpose and idea of launching this website can be achieved.

I appeal through this site to all our educated Goaars, elite Goaars, enlightened Goaars, businessmen Goaars, politician Goaars and young and energetic Goaars to join this movement for development and unity of our community all over India. We are 6 crores of Banjaras; our voice will be powerful, let’s make the difference and bring the change which was neglected for so many centuries. 

Actually whole System needs a revolution. And we are the integral part of the same system. There are countless problems in the system…Let us take one at a time. I am presenting you a story of a boy named Babu (hypothetical name). Babu was never serious with his study and other family works. His father was a farmer and never looked into the matter. After Babu grown up he felt shocked when responsibilities knocked his door as he was not ready for it. So to cope up the pity situation of Babu, his father arranged Rs.100000/- to buy a police uniform for him.  After some arrangements and by the miracle of Rs.100000/- Babu successfully grabbed the constable uniform. An inflow of salary of Rs.4000/- started. But as every one know that this is not a sufficient amount to fulfil the requirements of 11 member family of Babu  so he started looking for some other sources of earning to full fill the financial problems of his family and he found taking BRIBERY an only hope… From that day till now he is taking BRIBE with no shame as if it is his BIRTH-RIGHT.
Who is culprit in this particular case? Whom to blame, father, son or Government?
1. Babu’s Father -- He didn’t bother about the study of Babu, about the friend circle of Babu.
2. Babu -- He was never serious about his own life. He chose an easy but unlawful solution to face the life.
3. Government-- Government didn’t take care of thousands of people like Babu which results in the making of thousand new Babus daily.
4. I, you (WE) -- We give him Bribe to get an easy pass through of our works (sometime illegal works).

We never try to help the people who really need our help. We close our eyes.

We only elect the same government every time and then we only cry for the works not done by our own government. But we will never go for the pains taking work of doing something for this.

“The above story is one of the millions of the same stories…” If we see the broad picture, we will find that the system needs immediate and complete resolution. And please we should not forget that “We” all are the essential part of this system.

At least we can start the holy work from ourselves. And believe me if we change…. Entire System Will Change.

Goaar Unity Zindabad!
Bhiku Rathod
New Delhi, India.
Posted on July 20, 2009-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------