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Bajram Haliti
Address: Atanasija Pulje nb 10,
11080 Zemun, Serbia
Phone +381 11 26 37 621
Mob +381 64 26 37 621
 Date of birth:    21. 05. 1955
Place of birth:    Gnjilane, Kosovo
Nationality:     Roma
Marriage status:  married

Kragujevac’s University, The Faculty of Law in 2000
High School, Zejnel Hajdini, Gnjilane in 1974-75
Journalist’s School on Yugoslav institute for Journalists, Belgrade  – General Section in 1985.

Professional workshops:

Dr Marselj Kortijade- International summer school of Roma, Santa Andre de Sangonis –France, 1990
Dr Rajko Djurić- Internatiomal summer school of Roma, Magdeburg- Federal Republic Geramny, 2002
Drama theatre in Gnjilane – the development of the project Enslaved Prometeus on Romani. The play was performed in Gnjilane on Kosovo’s Drama Festival and on the Republic festival in Kula
Specialist consultant  - in numerous drama projects in Gnjilane
Author of scene-music performance ''The annihilation of Roma during the Second World War'' that was performed in theatre in Gnjilane

Knowledge of Foreign Languages:
Serbian, English, Russian, Persian - reading, writing, understanding, speech – middle level

RTS Radio Priština-editor of Roma programme, 1986
-Currently the writer of drama and film's scripts, media campaignes, interwievs, manifestations, etc.

 - Creating of media educational projects of Roma

- Creating of educational projects of Roma

- Creating of political educational projects of Roma

Experience on the educational projects:

The lecturer of journalism – specialist for making competent the stuff for professional work.
The lecturer of political, national, human and cultural rights of Roma – specialist for making the staff competent for doing the professional work.
Education of Roma for writing of the projects.
Writing of the essays of political, national and cultural strategy and integration of Roma.
The lecturer in the journalist school “Bayerischer Rundfunk”, Belgrade, 2002.

The member of the World’s Parliament of Roma in charge for issues of Roma of Kosovo.
The president of the association ”Central Office of Roma of Kosovo’’ .
The member of the association ”Memorial Center for Holocaust studies in Serbia and Montenegro’’.
The vice cooperator of the union of association of Roma of Republic Serbia.
The member of the association ''Simon Wiesenthal Center'', Los Angeles, California.

The first prize on manifestation “Amico Rom” for the book “Contemplations on Roma issue”, 2005
Second prize on manifestation “Amico Rom” for the book “Roma, people of evil doom”, 2004
Charter “Slobodan Berberski”, 2002
Second prize on manifestation “Amico Rom” for the book “Mirabai”, 2000
“Medallion for peace and tolerance” for contribution to the battle for peace, tolerance and understanding among the people an the nations, 2002 
“Medallion for special credits and contribution to improvement of cultural and educational life of Roma and for the successes in developing of culture of Roma”, 1999
“Charter for remarkable work in written form and affirmation of Roma culture”, 2004
“Letter of thanks for successful cooperation”, 2004
“The Letter of Thanks for donor ship and help to the association “Rom” from Pozarevac”, 2000
“Diploma De Onoare “Joan Cioaba” for defending the rights of Romas from Serbia,
“Chapter for unselfish help and cooperation in work and developing of the association “Rom” from Pozarevac”, 2002

“Roma, people of evil doom”
“Debt toward the truth”
“Celestial Ring”
“ Tadz Mahal” poem
“Contemplations on Roma issues”
“Mirabai” poem
,"Letters to Minakshi"
“Lament over the temple of death of Roma of Kosovo”, poem
Epics “Battle between Roma and Germans”
Drama “Aishwarya, one love”
“The leader of the untouchables”
Drama “Koshtana, all or nothing”
Translation of the “Gypsy Romancer” of Garcia Federico Lorca
Translation of Eshile’s tragedy “Enslaved Prometheus”
Translation of drama of Haynes Miler “The bank of the garbage”
The author of “Dictionary of Hindi-Roma language in 50 lessons”
The author of “Romani grammar”
The Hindi-Roma dictionary 2.500 words
Published poems and texts in many magazines
His books were published on Italian, Poland, Bulgarian, Indian and English language.
His poems are present in many anthologies of the writers of Serbia, Bulgaria, India, Germany, Poland, Czech, Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, Asam Hungary etc.

Extracurricular activities:
Bajram Haliti attended many conferences on Roma issue.
He participated in Second International Meeting of Writers in India.
Research work on the theme “Holocaust over the Roma” in America, 1997, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis
Lectures on the rights of Roma in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, etc.
Lectures in Federal Republic Germany, USA, Swiss, Netherlands, Swedes, Belgian, Poland, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Russian Federation, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, etc.