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Belgrade, 28th October 2007.

On Saturday, 27th October 28, 2007, at 12:00h in the Association of writers of the Republic of Serbia, deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and President of the Romany Federation Serbia Jovan Damjanovic, after preliminary exposure of literate Bajram Haliti, opened international writers meeting.

lawyer, journalist and publicist

Respected participators of the First Caravan of Indo-Romany writers, dear guests and friends, ladies and gentleman’s, it is my honor to most-cordially salute you all, respected participators and guests of the Caravan, in a name of organizer – Association of the citizens Romany Federation Serbia, as a lawyer, journalist, publicist, and a member of the Association of writers of the Republic of Serbia.

I am glad that I can salute representatives of the government of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of diplomatic core in our country, representatives of government and non- government organizations, representatives of World Romany Organization, journalists – pressman of agencies, magazines and radio-televisions and all present.

Roms are Indian nation, who are seated in areas of Eastern and Western Europe and in other areas of world, with all attributes which make them special national entity.

Roms have its own history, culture, religion, tradition, literature, own language, own mentality, national heredity, by one word – Roms has its past, its present and its future, as well as all other nations in Europe.

Romany Federation Serbia, which is organizer of the First Caravan of Indo-Romany writers in world, is independent, non-profit, non-government and non-political association, established on 2000 in Zemun.

Aims of this association are affirmation of language, literature and culture of our region in Europe and world, as well as un-disturbed flow of literate values and ideas from European regions and world in hither area. Starting point, which, under that activity of association imply freedom of literate word, freedom of makers and their independence from ideologies and political regimes, realization of equality of literate letters, understanding amongst people and nations.

Romany Federation Serbia will strive to give necessary support to writers who want to get involved in natural literate flow, which necessary basis are multi-culturality, international context and cooperation between writers from all meridians.

These ways defined objectives are realized by association through literate promotions, writers meeting, and topic - related forum, editorial activity, and cooperation with program-related organizations.

Republic of Serbia, apropos Association of writers of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade is today, for the first time, host of the Caravan of Indo-Romany writers, who will during few days “think about joint and own future” from south to north of Serbia, all under motto “Peace and freedom – whole world is one family”.

7 grandiose eminent participators of the meeting from the Federal Republic of India, few writers from the republics of ex-Yugoslavia, as well as writers from few countries from Balkan, will arrange tenths meetings with literates, and arguments from most-respected theoreticians, academics, journalism-analysts, politicolougists from India and Serbia. There have been foresaw promotions of the books, which were recently published in many editions in India, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

For 7 days, there will be represented modern Indian and Romany literate scene, and there will be discussed about different social and political themes.

On meetings, there will be talked about roles of artists, especially writers, in creation of national identity, participation in social life, and about theirs public and personal responsibility in a time of newly restoration of diplomatic relationships between Serbia and countries from Europe, region and world.

Aim of the First Caravan of Indo-Romany writers is contribution to affirmation of veritable artistic values, “stimulation of population and further cultural development of positive relationships in culture and society”.

Fundamental idea of the Caravan is a civil dialogue of literates of Romany and Indian qualification with citizens, in a spirit of tolerance, culture of peace and inter-cultural dialogue. Their participation in a Caravan will help their development as future citizens of democratic society in new democratic Serbia, Europe, and whole world.
Naša ocekivnja od Karavana jeste afirmaciju jezika, književnosti i kulture naše regije u Evropi i svetu, kao i nesmetan protok književnih vrednosti i ideja iz evropskih regija i sveta na ovdašnjem prostoru; slobodu stvaralaca, ravnopravnosti jezika i književnih pisama, razumevanje medu ljudima i narodima da nova demokratska Srbija, sa daljim politickim i demokratskim promenama a u skladu sa principima humanizma, stvori najelementarnije uslove za duhovnu emancipaciju Roma.

20th century was century which was labeled by evil, which all writers from 20th century couldn’t predict. Last decade wasn’t addicted to writers – proximity they all confronted evil.
However, duty of a writer is to testify about his time, subjective and personally, but to testify. Because of that, responsibility is enormous. Gentleman writers, testify. I am with you, by sense, by spirit.
Don’t forget that role of writer is undoubtedly to tell a true. Writer should express unique matter, which belongs only to him; it is little important is it good or is it worthless. Writer doesn’t speech moral, he is a moral.

President of the Romany Federation of the Republic of Serbia, deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and vice-president of World Roma Parliament

Ladies and gentlemen, much respected literates, I feel need to, foremost, thank to Indian delegation of literates, academics and politicolougists, which is leaded by Dev Bhardwaj, to Croatian and Bulgarian delegations.

Allow me to open Caravan of Indo-Romany writers, and to present parts of my reflection on theme “Peace and freedom” – “Whole world is one family”:

20th century survived 2 world wars. Between those 2 wars, even after, there were hundreds of other smaller wars, which differenced by its intensity and amplitude. Some countries enjoyed in quite long periods of peace. However, for all humanity, those periods of peace were actually shorter than periods with war.

In international system, peace exists when conflicts in those system are solved in continuity, without usage if military force.

Now, peace and development are much more actual wish and hope of all nations, especially of nations from countries in development, anent entrance in new millennium. We believe that main tendency of world development is directed to peace and compliance.

Process of movement to multi-lateral world is unstoppable course of world development. However, there should be took care about some new elements which appeared on international political scene. Hegemony’s and politic of right of stronger are getting stronger, new intervenism badly hits concerns and country independence and sovereign of many small countries. Problem of peace and development isn’t solved yet.

To achieve solution of this problem, much more joint efforts are needed of all nations who pawn for peace and development, and who are progressive.

To establish peace, and to get to joint prosperity of humanity, I believe that it is necessary to establish multi-lateral world. Multi-lateral world is a power for restrict of hegemonies. That world is needed for maintain of peace and stability in world, for guarantee of security and sovereign of medium and small countries.

At my opinion, in new century, most-necessary to eliminate every possibility of interventions by bigger and more developed countries, who would violate independence and sovereign of smaller, weaker and less developed countries. In new century, international relationships should be guided by principle of respect of independence, sovereign, territorial integrity and self-appropriation of all nations, regardless if they are small or big, strong or weak, rich, poor, under development or already developed, and by principle of un-tamper to interior matters of all countries, by principle of cooperation and solution conflicts on a calm manner, on basis of equality and reciprocal respect.

No one hasn’t right to misuse concept of protection of human rights and to violate sovereign rights of any country, or provisions of UN Charter or international law, as it happened in a case of SRJ.

What should be specially accented is significance of respect of United Nations and efforts to democratize this international particle, to repress all attempts to do hegemony and to change its primal objective. By other words, United Nations are organization which should fight for peace and cooperation between all countries. In that aspect, Movement of Non-unions can play active role, whose one of the patriarch were Yugoslavia and India. Movement of Non-unions could contribute to shaping of new international relationships in following century, relationships which would be based on equality, and which would match to aspirations of all nations, especially to nations from countries in development.

I am not a poet, but I can say that art is a mate of man from its prime times. Poetry, music and dance, in antecedent associated with rhythm, originated through work and religion. Their role was to make easier physical efforts of man, and to merciful secret forces of nature.

From this meeting, I personally expect that Indo-Romany writers will get translation to both languages, and also, I suggest that in India should be published Anthology of Romany literature, and in Serbia Anthology of Indian literature, contact with highest officials of the Federal Republic of India, acknowledgment of Romany nation from the Federal Republic of India that we are their historical, lingual and cultural national minority, form of Indo-Roma center, induction and research of Hindu language on Philological faculty in Belgrade, induction and research of Romany language on Philological faculty in India, exchange and contiguity of students between Roms in exodus and the Federal Republic of India.

At the end, I am using this opportunity to express heartily congratulations and the best wishes to Indian intellectuals, who will be with us and forgather with Roms all over Serbia. From this meeting, I personally expect that cooperation between our two friendly countries will get stronger.


President of the Association of writers of the Republic of Serbia

As a president, foremost I wish to welcome you to the Association of literates of the Republic of Serbia, and to jointly, with our reflections about peace and freedom – “Whole world is one family”, all together contribute to contrivance of sand of is matter. Also, I want to meet you that this is the biggest Association of writers in Serbia, and the first professional association, established in 1905. This association counts 1500 members. What is most important for this association is that this is association of all national minorities. Our members of Romany qualification always on a best way reflected problems of society where they are seated. 2 years ago, we celebrated 100 years from foundation of our association. We place special efforts for protection of author rights, foremost foreign writers, and when it is about protection of author rights of domestic writers, there is a little harder situation. I want to point that association left without material properties, legatee and funds. We have a big problem with our writers, because one big number of writers is sick. We publish magazine “Knjizevne novine”, we have room for public tribunes, and every year we organize international writer meetings, which lasts already for 44 years. Every year we had writers from India, and from 2008, I hope that you will also answer to our invitation and that you will be our guests.

Thing I want to accent – you should know that Serbia, even when she was in constitution of SFRJ, and foremost our association, always had understand for multi-culturality of all nations and nationality.

I hope that you will have pleasant stay during lasting of the Caravan of Indo-Romany writers.


Director of the International cultural association in India and a director of magazine “KAFLA”

My idea was to gather the biggest intellectuals from all parts of India, and to get them close to Romany intellectuals from Balkan, and to be together for a few days on one place. By its reflections about peace and freedom, they will signify battle against violation of human rights, for democracy, freedom of Medias, un-tamper to interior matters of other countries, fight against separatism and unroot of criminal and every kind of corruption. Postulate for that are democratization of international relationships and re-affirmation of prime concepts of international law, liberation of international organizations from practice of instrumentization for narrow objectives and behalf’s of some countries, or a group of countries. Doctrine of globalization, on a way how government of the richest countries projected it, doesn’t mean progress and enabling to whole humanity to enjoy boons of technological and economic prosperity, yet, unfortunately, represents new aspect of exploitation and colonization of less developed from edge of most-developed countries. For nations who, in a name of ideal of humanity, equality and justice, wants to fight for equality and to live a life of venerable person, there are no room in conceptions of creators of new world order, based on concept of so-called globalization and mondialization. We, intellectuals and writers, as well as all progressive world, must organized fight against global violence, by using the strongest weapon we have at disposal – that is intellect. That organized resistance foremost mean moral rebellion and a battle against tyranny and hegemonism, through solidarity of all people and nations who doesn’t agree to be only a tool in hands of pretenders on a chair of master of the world.

Position of poet is in holy trinity, by whom depends destiny of mankind: 3 persons build culture: scientist, artist and a worker. Work of poet which serves to his nation is most-sandly: because man dies, and nation is immortal, and a poet, whose poems are shakes of heart of his nation, is immortal. Literature is a heart of the world, valved by all joys and agonies, imaginations and hopes of people… Literature could be named as an all-seeing eye of the world, whose view infiltrate to deepest secrets of life of man spirit… Literature is never someone personal matter… it is always a matter of epoch, earth, class.

That means that every real poet should be personification of its time, to express what is most-particular and most-uncommon in a soul of epoch.


Academic, writer, journalist and anthropologist

India is a sub-continent of Asia, size of 3.165.597 square kilometers, with near 1, 2 billion residents, incredible mix of multitude racial, ethnical, lingual, cultural, religious and who knows what other kind of groups. And yet, India is democratic country, the biggest on a planet, despite to this admixture, despite it is considered as a country in development, etc.

At us, there is a notion about India as a poor and underdeveloped country, which she is and isn’t. But, it is little known that in India there is almost half of billion of urban population, mostly from so-called lower and higher-middle class, mostly educated, with advantage that, as a remainder of colonialism, speak English and can get a job all over the world, even in Europe, where for some categories of Indian experts, Germany and other countries scramble. That is more residents than whole European Union with 25 members, or USA.

There are no doubts that it is necessary to maintain good relationships and cooperation with all our neighbors, naturally, based on reciprocity, striving to don’t get interest or do something similar, under condition, of course, that neighbors are willing to play fair role.

I am an academic, poet, journalist and anthropologist, I have 300 published books. I am glad that I am today with Roms from Balkan. I have spoken in my several books about Roms, I met top of India country that Roms are our nation, and that because of invasion of Mongols, they abandoned its ancient-land India. I requested audience by president and premier of India. I met them that it is time to do something for our Roms, which counts about 15 millions in Europe. I must meet you that in newly time in India there is a new climate of interest for matter of Roms, contrasted to past, and I need to mention foremost Ministry for Diaspora, which is very interested for matter of Roms in exodus. However, I need to tell you that it is very important that you do by yourself something about this matter.

Art is a mate of man from its prime times. Poetry, music and dance, in antecedent associated with rhythm, originated through work and religion. Their role was to make easier physical efforts of man, and to merciful secret forces of nature.

In prehistoric period of time, art had a utilitarian character, I.E. she helped man in work, in fight with natural forces, and she was ingredient of his religion, tool of the magic. But than already art is a recreation, and a source of pleasure, and a picture of soul state.

In those opportunities, when a person alone for itself represents something, poetry linked to individual naturally develops. Its edification character if obvious: sagas and epics should nurture warriors in heroic spirit. That is a way how originated Hindu epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. That literate kind is, basically, rhapsody to individual, group or an event, which – by giving of esthetical impression – should educativly affect on latter generations. Little by little, poetry has stopped to be part of every-day life and work, it became on of the shapes of man spiritual activity. Independent, it comes to certain relationships with other arts, with philosophy and science. Man, its creator, becomes conscious of its merits and its influence, and tries to adjust it with his ambitions. Different sentiments about poetry, her source and her part, are born. Amongst poetics and theoreticians, there are predominating 2 opposite tendencies: one side believes that poetry should teach, other side thinks that its mission is to give relaxation, third side labor to reconcile first 2 sides. That was on the prime beginning of historical epoch, and that is by a well part today.

And for Hindus Bharata, drama has been created by God Brahman, “with objective to be support for life and activity of men, with all their different feelings and all their different situations, as a composition for acts of the highest, lowest and middle people, as an instrument of edification, and to impel on heroism, and to afford fun and fortune.

Poet is a particular being, he is lightsome, with valves and priested, and mustn’t sing before he is carried with rapture, before he is out of himself and his still sense. God is serving with them like his servants, by requisiting power of deliberation from poets, as well as from prophets and celestial soothsayers, that we, auditorium, could see that those precious divulgences aren’t pronounced by those who don’t have intelligence, than God itself say them, and that over them he speak to us. Poet has to represent matters on a way that they should be, to create model of fine, not copies of nasty.