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There are nearly two hundred languages and more than four hundred dialects in India. Gor (Goaar) people call their dialect Gor Boli (Goaar Dialect) or Gormati. Nearly two crore people in the country speak this language (dialect). It is spoken in almost seventeen states. Gor (Goaar) people have learnt the dialects of these states as well. Despite it they have protected their language. Amongst themselves they always converse in the Gor Boli. Gor Boli (Goaar Boli) doesn't have any script of its own and hence it is written in local scripts.

It is possible that it is one of the ancient dialects of the country. It must have been an outcome of Sanskrit, Prakrit, Apbharansh and from these Apbharansh may have been the source of evolution of Gor Boli (Goaar Boli). Goaar Boli has been influenced by Rajasthani Dingle Pringle and Marwari. Gor Dynasty (Goaar Dynasty) ruled in the hilly areas for many years. Since this area falls near Nimad Malwa - Goaar Boli has been largely influenced by Marwari, Gujrati and other border area languages.

A study of Goaar Folklore shows that 80% words in Goaar Boli have been taken from Malwai & Nimadi dialects. It is clear that Goaar Boli is a dialect of Rajasthani language. Dr. Prem Parkash Rastogi has rightly said that Goaar Boli is spoken by Banjaras and it is a dialect of Rajasthani. According to the consensus of 1920 Dr. Grearson says that Gor Boli is spoken by Goaars which is a vagrant caste. These people roam in the far west and south of India. These people converse in local language wherever they go but they have their own language in Mumbai (earstwhile Bombay), Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and in central India. On the whole Goaar Boli is a mixed language. According to a survey conducted in 1961 nearly 42000 people in Bihar were Goaar Boli speaking. All the language experts have studied Goaar Boli. They have given it different names i.e. Bazigar Boli, Labhani, Banjari, Rathauri, Pawari, Adim Boli, Gypsy. In the consensus form, mother tongue, is such a word that many Goaar people mention a local language as their mother-tongue.

According to the consensus Goaar Boli might have been spoken by more than a million (13.3 lac) people in Maharashtra. This dialect (Goaar Boli) has been pondered upon in Rajasthani Dictionary but like other dialects of Rajasthani-Goaar Boli has never been studied scientifically. So there must be a scientific study of this dialect. We see this dialect in the folklore today. It is a very rich dialect. But there is no clarity in its spellings or pronunciation. Dr. Sita Ram has prepared a map of Rajasthani and other prominent languages of India. It shows the area where there it is spoken. This map also shows the boundaries of Goaar Dynasty. While Goaars live on the hills of Nimadi and plateau of Malwa- there is difference of pronunciation amongst rural and urban areas.