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Banjara Times: Voice of Goaars of India

Advocate Kailash A. Rathod from Pusad, District Yavatmal, Maharashtra with his family.

A am a Banjara and I am working as advocate in Banjara city PUSAD, DIST.YAVATMAL
PUSAD city is famous for Banjara tandas.

About myself:  My name- ADVOCATE KAILASH A. RATHOD, Amarprem Niwas, Shrirampur, PUSAD. 94228-68860 & 91756-48555

Posted on June 6, 2011------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am very happy to visit Sanjay Chavhan, Bangaon Tanda, Ner, Yavatmal


Posted on June 6, 2011-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I also want to give my contribution to your this revolutionary work: Anil Kumar

Dear Kamal Ji,

I have just come to know about your wonderful effort of creating BANJARATIMES.COM. It make us feel proud and give strengths the Voice of our GOAR community and also provide a universal platform to us to show our forgotten culture and values to the world. I have strong believe that this website will also play a great role to unite our community in future.

I am just giving my brief introduction here.
My name - Anil Kumar
Father's Name - Nirmal Chand
Grandfather's Name - Tara Chand.

I am from Bazigar community and my home town is Ambala Cantt. My grandfather Mr. Tara Chand is retired Railway Guard. He has also done some great efforts for Schedule Cast's. He was also be an important part of some cases in past which was fought in Supreme court for the welfare of Schedule Casts. My father Mr. Nirmal Chand is working as Inspector in Taxation department in Haryana.  I have done B-Tech (Engineering) in Mechanical and working for an American MNC from last three year in Delhi. I am now 24 year old and I also want to give my contribution to your this revolutionary work. I will be very grateful to you if I could get any chance for doing so.

Thanks and Regards
Anil Kumar
Cell: +91-9212756320
E-mail:  anil_23gem@yahoo
Posted on April 26, 2011----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Goaars are same as Rajputs of North India or not?: Dayanand Rathod, Hyderabad, A.P.

Ram Ram Kamal ji

This is Dayananad Rathod from Hyderabad, working as Senior Asst. in the Irrigation Department. I was very glad to visit this website since many of us are unaware. You are playing an important role in uniting Goaars.

In Andhra Pradesh there is a popular notion that Goaars are same as Rajputs of North India since there are many similarities. but after going through this website I found that both these ethnic groups are different and that Lambadas of Rajasthan were recently included in the S.T. reservation. Can you please clarify on the issue.

Dayananad Rathod
Editor's Note: Goaars have both kind of views: (1) Goaars belongs to Rajputs, (2) Goaars are a Ancient Tribe of India. We are presenting both views on our website.  

Posted on May 19, 2010-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Something is wrong with Chhattisgarh Banjara Samaj: Aradhna Naik


I have visited Banjara Times and got your e-mail id.

I am also part of Banjara Samaj and staying in Chhattisgarh (Earlier was in MP).

I am senior softwatre engineer currently working in Pune and would like to know about Goaar community.

In our Chhattisgarh state if a girl (boy) do marriage in other caste than the Banjara samaj is asking them for fine near about 1.5 lakh.

After paying the amount, also they won't include them in family.

I want to know is the same thing happening in other state also because I don't think its fare.

If it happening everywhere then we should think about this because this gives wrong impression about our samaj.

I request you to please have a look on my concern As these people are not utilizing that amount in contributing for development of Banjara people. Instead of that they used to spend money on drink party and celebrations.

I have strong proof on the same. So, if required, I can produce the same.

I have gone through the Banjara Times website and found this is the place where I can put my concern.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Aradhana Nayak (Aru Tiwari)
Posted on May 19, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dhanaraja Bheema Naik from Bangalore

Dear Kamal,
I am really happy to see a web site which was developed by a Goaar Bhai.
QA Analyst
#8/1, Raja Pinnacle, 22nd Cross, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore, India
P: 978-223-2207, 080-22455199
Posted on March 22, 2010----------------------------------------------------------------------------

All Goaars Unite and Fight for Equal Rights!

On this auspicious day of 271st birth anniversary of Guru Sevalalji Maharaj I wish everyone Goaar-Banjara brothers-sisters a very hurtful congratulation and wish Jai Guru Sevalal Maharaj brings all happiness and prosperity in all particularly poor those who still deprived off basic essential living things. Brothers we are far far behind from as other society's are concerned. Very few people in our society may have tested a fruit of  successful life but large chunk of Goaar Samaj we can see either working on construction site, road side, as farmer labours and so many such  laborious and painful work sites. Our Goaar yaadi putting her little baby in a small Zoli along road side zopadi is a cause of concern for every Goaar brother. In village side they don't have pure drinking water they still walk more than a kilometer from Tanda to fetch a drinking water from well that too mostly polluted water. Fact is that we mostly doesn't  know our rights, neither our people share the information among each other. One become happy on getting temporary benefit and he keeps quite.

So I appeal all Goaar brothers those who are at lucrative position and think that they can help our educated talent boys and girls should help. To certain extent it is true that we curse our own people and encourage others. We trust others blindly but not ours because some or other time we had very bad experience with our own Goaar-banjara people. This is because of lack of awareness, knowledge, education and so many other social factors which directly acting as road blocks to our community development.
So let all Goaars on this Guru Maharaj Sevalalji's birth anniversary unite and fight for equal rights.
Narsing Rathod
Posted on February 22, 2010--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I would like to be part of Banjara Times Website: Annaray Ramu Naik from Kolhapur

Dear Sir,
I am all the times reader of Banjara Times. I love this site and thankfull to you and I would like to be part of this site and if i am usefull for you please revert me. Basicaly I am from Bijapur but I am working in Kolhapur for Tata Motor Finance and I belive to help like you person who is working for Banjara people.
In case if you visit any time to Kolhapur for your any work purpose, please let me know, I would like to meet you.
Posted on February 22, 2010------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BANJARA TIMES is bringing all scattered Gor Banjara together: Atmaram Jadhav

Respected sir,
I am ATMARAM SURSING JADHAV. Many times I visited our BANJARA TIMES site so I congratulates you. You are our pride. We resides in many places of India, because of ladeni we scatterd but BANJARA TIMES is bringing all Gor Banjara together. So I will provide all the news about Banjaras.  So I am sending my details to you. I hope sir you may consider me as your reporter from  JALGAON (MAHARASHTRA).

DATE OF BIRTH- 01-06-1975
3 Years  District president -ALL INDIA BANJARA TIGERS-JALGAON
CONTACT NO. Cell: 09730622311  RESI..09272105707
Posted on February 22, 2010-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Proud to be a Goaar: Vislavath Raju Naik

I will  help to our Banjara people in future, who are very poor in our community. I am Vislavath Raju Naik. I am studying in B.Tech final year. When I will complete my M.S., I will work for the upliftment of our Banjara people.

Proud To Be Goaar!

Jai Sevalal!!

Vislavath Raju Naik
Posted on February 22, 2010--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't hesitate speaking in Goaar Boli: Meghawat Ramesh Rathod (Scientist)

Ram Ram my Goaar Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Sewalal!

First, I wish you a Happy Shri Sewalal Ji Maharaj jayanthi to all Banjaratimes viewers.

Celebrate Shri Sewalal Ji Maharaj Birth Day at your place with your family, friends and relatives.

I request to all my Goaar brothers and sisters, show your strength in all fields and come up and don't hesitate speaking in Goaar Boli/Bhasha. It is individual responsibilities to preserve our Goaar Boli/Bhasha, culture and tradition.
Jai Sewalal!

Your Goaar Bhai,
Meghawat Ramesh Rathod, Scientist (DRDO)
Hyderabad, A.P.
Posted on February 22, 2010------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Goaar boli songs are disappearing: Gibb Schreffler (Ph.D. scholar from Connecticut, U.S.A.)

Dear Mr. Om Kamal ji,

I was very happy to find your website and also your YouTube channel. I am a student of the famous dhol master Ustad Garib Dass of Chandigarh. I have many Goaar friends in Punjab. I do research on music of Punjab and, as you know, Goaar people have played a great role in that tradition. Anyway, I did not expect to find a website from the Goaar community, because most of my friends are not using computers, so it was a nice surprise.

You have done a great job putting up all this information and keeping a newsletter. I know that much of your goal is political, but if I may make one humble suggestion: I hope you also can spare some time for the cultural life of Goaars.

Many of the arts, like music and dance, were only maintained by Goaar artists. Now they are disappearing. Or, Punjab govt. and TV media is pretending to preserve them but in inaccurate form because they do not consult the knowledgeable artists (Goaars). Some examples are the jhummar and sammi dances, as well as the giddha dance of Goaarnis. Goaar boli songs are disappearing, too, as well as crafts.

My suggestion is that you also please ask your readers to document these arts of their families. It does not matter if one feels unable to analyze them at this time; the thing is just to record them. While videos are being made of political rallies and meetings, please also make sure the camera captures some of the Goaar culture for posterity.  That will be of great service to the future generations.

In the past just as now, Goaars did not share intimate details of culture with non-Goaars. Even though I have many friends, there were still things I could not see. For example, the true sammi dance of Goaarnis is too private for non-family. At the same time, many Goaars have not had the technology (cameras, computers) to record these things.  But now, in these recent years, they do; this is the chance.

Your YouTube channel is excellent because we hear --maybe for the first time?-- Goaar Boli spoken on the Internet. Please continue your video blogs; the audio quality of those should also improve if possible. It is nice because it helps me to learn the language, some of which my ustad has taught me.  I have also enjoyed your samples of Lakhbir Lakha songs.

Please forgive me if I have made any mistakes. Thank you for reading my letter and thank you for sharing this information.

Gibb Schreffler (Ph.D. scholar)
Connecticut, U.S.A.
Posted on September 14, 2009----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I would like to serve as our "community representative" for Tamilnadu: Ram Prashad

Dear Kamal ji !
Ram! Ram!
 I am Ramprashad from Tamilnadu. I am very happy to note your effort for tying up Goaars living all over india. In Tamilnadu, our people are living in around 10 districts. In this state our community is called as  "LAMBADI". Lambadi caste is categorized as "Backward Class" in Tamilnadu. People of our community are economically and socially in very poor condition.
Nobody is taking steps to get ST status for our community in Tamilnadu. I am ready to fight for this cause but don't have proper guidance and support. I would be very happy if I got any valuable suggestion from our community people.
To say about me, I am a Teacher working in a govt. school taking maths for Higher secondary students.
I would like to serve as our "community representative" for Tamilnadu.
With thanks,
K.Ramprashad Naik,  M.Sc.,M.phil., B.Ed.,
Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu.
E-mail :-
Mobile:-   91 9095168551
Posted on September 14, 2009-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello! I am Goaar Advocate from Makrana.

Hello How are You. My Name is Surajpal Bartya (BANJARA). I am living in Rajasthan state. I am from Nagour district. I am a ADVOCATE in high court of  Rajasthan from JODHPUR.
My home address is:
    MOBILE NO..9214921117, 9694316217
MOBILE NO.: 9636620052
Posted on September 14, 2009-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There is a long journey we have to travel: Mohan Lal Gogulothu, International Teacher, USA 

Ram Ram Mr. Om Kamal Ji,
Ram Ram Goaar Bhaio throughout the World,
I am very proud of our Goaars especially you, because I  am very much thankful to your thoughts, Ideas and your establishment of this website. Having established website, we are slowly but steadily spreading our wings to reach all of our dear ones and it started showing the results also. Day by day more and more Banjara brothers are getting connected with this. This is a very good beginning and still I feel there is a long journey we have to travel.

I am an International teacher in USA,
My home town is
Jagadamba temple,
Rathiram Thanda,
Andhra pradesh, India.
My life begun with a piece of slate pencil and a slate under the shadow of tree in my thanda school and now I reached United States of America, and teaching American High School Students in Henry county school systems past two yeears.I am very proud of my parents and my most believeable god,Shri Ram Rao Maharaj and Jagadama Devi (Meramma yadi).also we built a Meramma temple in the year 1990 with blessings of Shri Ram Rao Maharaj.
I know there are many Goaars in USA but I don't know why they scared to join our community.
Thank you so much Mr.Kamal ji putting all Goaars in boat.
Jai Seva Lal, Jai Seva Lal.
Mohanlal Gugulothu,
International Teacher
(Mathematics and Special Education),
Dutchtown High School,
Henry County Schools,
My phone # 678 698 2544.
Posted on August 24, 2009---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am very much eager to do something for our community: Vijay Rathod, Navi Mumbai

Dear Sir,
My self Vijay Rathod, Presently staying at Navi Mumbai Koper Khairne.
I was just surfing through the google and what struck my god knows when I typed the word Banjara. I was in shock to see that we have our own website with lots of detials about our community and the information about our population of more than six crores all over.
I am very much eager to do something for our community. 
I would like to join as a active menber for the AIBSS. Please provide me the details.
Something about my self:
Name : Vijay Rathod
NAtive : Gulbarga , Sakunayak Thanda, Chincholi Taluka
Commerce Graduate from Mumbai
Currently working as marketing manager with one of the India's leading security press.
Contact no: 98202 42870
Thanks and regards,
Vijay Rathod
Posted on August 24, 2009---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am very proud to be part of this colourful and enthusiastic community: Pradeep Ramavath

Dear Sir,
I am Pradeep Ramavath, preseantly a research scholar at NUEPA. I am  persuing my integrated M.Phil-Phd from National University of Educational Planning and Administartion (NUEPA- Ministry of HRD), New Delhi.
I am very proud to be part of this colourful and enthusiastic community of Banjaras. Recently when I was surfing the net, regarding my research propoal whose focus is on Lambani thandas of Karnataka,  I am surprised to see this comprehensive documentation of articles, photos and related documents on our community. My sincere regards and congragulations for this challenging task. One needs to have dedicated mindset and holistic vision for these kind of community services in the present Globalising situations.
I am attaching my writeup(research proposal) and copy of my CV  for your reference, this study i am planning to take up in the State of Karnataka to see the participation and powers exercised by Banjara community in educational decentralisation process  at the community level.
The study entitled " Study of functioning of School Development and Monitoring Committees (SDMC's) in the selected Lambani thandas of Karnataka".
Also I am highly interested to participate and provide what ever little support possible from myside for your valubale service to our community.
Once again I  thank all for the people who are associted with "Banjaratimes" for their valuable contribution to our community.
Looking forward to hear more from you,
Thanking you,
Yours Truly
Pradeep Ramavath J
Research Scholar
National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA)
17-B, Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi-110016
Mobile- 09716068170, 09968423622
Posted on August 6, 2009---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We should develop long term vision for our Goaar community: Bhiku Rathod (A.P.)

Dear Sir,
I am really thrilled to know that now our community has a flat form to share, to co-operate and to co-ordinate each other in our journey of development for a brighter future. Although I am a professional by qualification but I was ignorant about our history and our tradition. However, you have given me an opportunity to know more about our culture and our systems through this great job by developing a website. Really, I am surprised to know spread and magnitude of our community throughout India. Please accept my sincere thanks for your great work.
Dear Sir, well begin is half done however, many of our Banjara friends are not aware about this great work. It is my sincere request in order to create awareness among Goaars and to use it in effective manner we should publicise this site through campaign, news papers and electronic media. Once major net work is established among our community, we should develop long term vision for our community followed by action plan to implement the same. If needed any amount for campaigning, I am willing to contribute voluntarily. Let’s be in touch.
About myself:
Bhiku Rathod
B.E. (Mech), NIT, Bhopal
MMM, K.J.Somaiya, Mumbai.
My native place is Mamidipally, Utnoor, Dist: Adilabad, A.P. I am having two boys, studying in class 9th and 5th.  
Now I am employed with Gas Authority of India Ltd, posted at New Delhi. My previous Employment was with HPCL. I am also attaching my photo.
With warm regards,
B. Rathod
Sr. Manager ( PC-Mktg.)
Ph.: (Resi.)  0120-2414611
Mobile: 9313499229
Posted on July 13, 2009------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

United we stand, divided we fall: Ganesh Rathod

Dear Sir,

Greetings for the day!!!!

First of all I wanna  thanks lord Ganesh and  my parents who made my existence in this society.

I wanna congratulate and thank you for making this wonderful site for the people of ours. As there is a saying that " United we stand, divided we fall". Its a good example of  Unity in diversity of goaar bhai.Great job done sir, keep it up. one day you will touch the zenith.

See the change in time, there might be a day when our ancestors might had a dream to fly in go see their dream come true. Its very sad to say that only few thousands of us have made their dream true by hard work or luck but, still lakhs of people of our community struggle whole day for the sake of bread and butter.

I really appreciate your efforts which you have put  sitting thousands of miles away from his mother land and spreading the fragrance of our culture, tradition, food peaple etc. Hats off to you sir.

Let me introduce myself, this is Ganesh Rathod, working as Senior Technical Engineer With Toyota Kirloskar Motors ( A venture of Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan.) Right now I am working in its corporate office north i.e., Delhi/Gurgaon. Previous employer - Honda Motors India.

I am a graduate engineer. 2004 passed out from National Institute Of Technology, Jamshedpur. Working for the last 5 years.

I am searching for a girl: educated, with moral values, simple with good family background.
Find here attached  my Bio-Data which i have made and same I am sending in your format.
Looking forward for your reply.
Have a wonderful day sir! 
Posted on July 13, 2009--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Connecting with each other through Banjara Times

Dear Sri Om Kamal
Publishing contact details of our people in Banjara Times appear to be paying divident in connecting with each other. Recently one of our community member from middle east wrote to me seeeking guidance for finding a suitable bride in Bangalore for his son.
Sitaram Banjara from Rajastan visited Bangalore along with his wife and son. He was kind enough to accept my invitation for dinner at our residence. Both of us and our family members had happy moments of interaction and dinner. A photo taken at our residence on this occassion is attached herewith.  
G. Pandu Naik Ph.D
Senior Manager-Learning and Development
Karle Group of Companies
151 Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur
Bangalore-560 022
Phone 91 80 41285311 to 15
Mobile Phone 9008989051 
Posted on July 13, 2009-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Happy New Year 2009 by Bhanwar Labana

From: Bhanwar Labana (Banjara)
Date: Jan 05, 2009
Hi Mr Kamal,
Thanks lot on behalf of our Gooar community for launching such a good website.
All our Gooar bhais are with you to make this website more successful and popular.
I know about this website today. Happy New Year 2009
Great Job!....Keep going .....All the best...!
Bhanwar Labana (Banjara)
Sr. Manager (Operational)
Bhagwati Banquets & Hotel Ltd.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)

Identity of Goaars

It is time to preserve and conserve Goaars' identity! Preserve Banjara Embroidary !

Date: 16 Feb 2008, 16:34:53

From: Vijaya Pawar


Subject: Banjara reform and preserve Banjara embroidary!

It is time to preserve and conserve Goaars' identity!

Vijaya Pawar


Fight of Bazigar Community of Haryana

Subject: Your Kind Consideration regarding fight for the right by Haryana Bazigars!

Respected Sir;
The Baazigar community of Haryana is fighting for the rights to get separate reservation quota in all categories or fields. Case is pending in honourable Supreme Court for more than 2 years. This community is fighting to get separate quota as SC A as it was earlier.

The people who are contributing for this are: IQBAL RAJ VARTIA (Phone: 09416670475), NADAR CHAND VARTIA, DHARAM CHAND MACHHAL. And there are lot many in the organigation.
With regards,
E-Mail :

From: Inder Singh Valjot, Email:
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 21:14:22
     I wish and pray to Baba Hathi Ram ji, Baba Lakhi Shah ji , Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji To Bless my Goaar Samaj With 365 days of happiness and prosperity.
I wish You and Your friends Very Very Happy New Year 2008.
Inder Singh Valjot,
President, All India Goaar Rajput Sabha


Proud to be Goaar!
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 11:12:41 -0600
Hello! I am Harpreet Miana from Kotkapura.
I am glad to see the Goaar site on the net.
This is a good way to communicate with the peoples and know to learn history of this community.
This is a good work.
Harpreet Miana, E-Mail :


Can you find and tell me if any Banjara is in Indore.
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 04:55:56 -0600
Hi ,
I am Sreedhar Naik working in R&D in Eicher Motors Ltd. in Indore. I just wanted to know are there any Lambadi people in Indore if so can u give me there mail id or phone no.

Banavathu Sreedhar Naik, E-Mail :


Your Site is Simply Best

From: Goutham Sabavat, Email:

Date: Dec 30, 2007 10:14 AM
This is first I am seeing such a wonderfull web, having beginning of our community, explains about us and our origin. I am proud of you guys, I had this thought to do but I did have enough knowledge how to implement this, but you did it and you deserve it. Your simply best and I don't have words to praise you guys. Your simply best. It is for us to take it forward and help you and our community, you did your job as a Banjara GOAAR MATI.
Goutham Saabaavt
Cell 99720 41314
CISCO Systems Senior Principle Engineer,


Valuable Inputs about our Community!
From: Annappa E,  Email:
Date: Dec 27, 2007 6:04 AM
Annappa E, I P S,

Wonderful Success!
From: Jaideep Pawar, Email:
Date: Dec 27, 2007 4:15 AM
Dear Mr. Om Parkash
"Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down
new roads armed with nothing but their own vision."
We would like to thank you for your generous support and initiative
taken for our BANJARA Community through ; This
website is going to recieve wonderful success. It is with support
such as yours that our brothers and sisters can continue benefit the
Jaideep Pawar
Product Sales Manager - Non Metro ( West and East),
ING Vysya Life Insurance, Mumbai
Cell - +91 98194 17386


All our Gooar bhais are with you !

From: Mohana Kumar G Email:
Date: Dec 19, 2007 8:58 AM
Hi Mr Kamal,
Thanks lot behalf of our Gooar community for launching such a good website.
All our Gooar bhais are with you to make this website more successful and popular.
Great Job!....Keep going .....All the best...!
Mohana Kumar G


Man who believe in the creativity!

From: Ramesh Chauhan, Email:
Date: Dec 18, 2007,  3:39 AM
Subject: Happy New Year with Banjara Times!
The man who believe in the creativity that's you O. P. Kamal.
 Thank you.
 I was very glad to see this site. Let other brother / sisters also tried to do the same kind of achivements.
 I wish Mr. Kamal to all the best in future.
 Ram Ram,
 Ramesh Chauhan