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Dr. Bhangya Bhukya: A Authority on the History of Lambadas

Dr. Bhangya Bhukya
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and 
I/c Head Dept. of History
Nizam College (Autonomous)
Osmania University
AP, India


Dr. Bhangya Bhukya joined service at Nizam College on October 13, 1997. He did his M.A and M.Phil in History from University of Hyderabad.

After teaching in the Department for five years  He moved to United Kingdom on the Ford Foundation International Fellowship to do his Ph.D. He worked with David Hardiman (one of the founder members of the Subaltern Studies Project) on “Power, Subaltern and Identity: The Making of the Lambada Community of Hyderabad State” for his Doctoral in the Department of History, University of Warwick.

He is presently interested in Community Histories, the effects of Power/Knowledge, Govern mentality and Dominance on Subaltern Communities, particularly advises; the state and nationalism, and Identity Movements by forest and hill People in the nineteenth and twentieth century India.

He has published most influential books on the history of Lambada Community.

He has attended and presented papers in international conferences in United Kingdom and United States.

He delivered lectures at School of Oriental and African Studies, London, University of Oxford and University of Edinburgh.

Besides his rigorous academic scholarship, he is also associated with Adivasi (Aboriginal) and Dalit Liberation movements in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In this connection, he has written a number of news paper articles in Deccan Chronicle (English), Vaartha and Andhra Jyothy (Telugu). Some of  his publications are ‘The Subjugated Nomads: The Lambadas under the rule of the Nizams’, Orient Longman, Hyderabad (forthcoming), Co-author: ‘The Lambadas: A community Besieged,’ United Nation International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Hyderabad, 2002. And some of the articles are ‘Delinquent Subjects: Dacoity and the Creation of a Surveillance Society in Hyderabad State’, in ‘Indian Economic and Social History Review,’(April-June 2007),’Colonization of Forest and Emergence of Gond Nationalism in Hyderabad State’, Itihasa, vol. XXX, No. 1&2, January-December, 2004, State Archives of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India.
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